The Dumping Grounds

September 11, 2017 | 11 Comments » | Topics: The Dumping Grounds

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The Atheist’s Nightmare: The Banana


Mattress Store’s 9/11 “Twin Tower Sale”


Casually Explained: Is She Into You II – “What’s the worst that could happen?”


Meteorologist Vs Irma In Key West, Florida


News Anchor Tries To Get A Panicked Reaction From A Floridian, Gets Schooled On How Hurricanes Work


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  • Bob Frapples

    Vote for a gov’t that believes in science?
    Forrest fires are supposed to and have always happened. Trying to use this in some sort of climate change argument just shows how fucking stupid you are.

    Also, hurricanes have been happening long before man. Again, using this in a climate change argument shows how fucking stupid you are.

    So, in closing, you’re fucking stupid.

    • Makemyday

      Climate change denier calling others stupid… nothing more need to be said. LOL ^_^

      (wait for it, incoming angry rant from more deniers)

      • Pauly Incorrect

        I don’t recall him denying climate change. He simply indicated that using these particular arguments to prove climate change is retarded. Just like you for not being able to comprehend what you’re commenting on.

      • Bob Frapples

        Oh please. Another climate nazi labeling people a “denier” because I refuse to believe that forest fires are a bi-product of global warming. Fucking moron.

        Wait, didn’t all the global cooling… err, global warming?… sorry, climate change “scientists” predicted how the world was going to pass the point of “no return” by 2016? Where’s the “new ice age” they’ve been predicting since the 1960s? Any thoughts on the differences in data sets regarding global temperatures from the University of Alabama to IPCC?

        “Many papers indeed have claimed to find a human “fingerprint”, but upon close examination the evidence is simply consistent with human caused warming — while conveniently neglecting to point out that the evidence would also be consistent with naturally caused warming. This disingenuous sleight-of-hand is just one more example of why the public is increasingly distrustful of the climate scientists they support with their tax dollars.” – Dr. Spencer

        I’ll wait for your reply. (why don’t we just skip all your bullshit ranting and just get to the point where you call me a racist for some reason because you have no argument)

        • Red

          You called him a climate nazi in your first line, then in the last line said he would call you a racist because he had no argument…

          • Bob Frapples

            Are you really that stupid? Did you read anything else I wrote? Stick with grandma porn and skip commenting on the interwebs, junior.

            • Red

              That’s racist

              • Bob Frapples

                now that was funny. 🙂

  • Josh Gordon

    Believe it or not the government gets a few letters from civilians every year begging them to nuke hurricanes. A man in 1959 actually wanted to send a submarine into a hurricane and launch multiple nuclear missiles into the eye of the storm, Jack Reed had a full plan drawn up and everything. Thank God the NOAA has never taken that idea seriously.

    Theres even a man alive today who thinks he can stop hurricanes by flying 2 jet airplanes into the eye of the hurricane and fly around it real fast, hahaha absurd even he admits it probably wont work but wants to try it anyway.

    • Cameron Black

      There are two main problems with nuking a hurricane: 1. The hurricane would be a perfect mechanism to spread radioactive fissile byproducts from the detonation. 2. The hurricane is powered by orders of magnitude more energy than our biggest nuclear warhead. There would be no effect on the hurricane.

  • Dark Energy Matters

    fuckwits at the failing are still on President Trumps back, when will they learn?