Life Isn’t All Sunshine And Rainbows

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“I had never felt such bliss in my life. And already after a few hours I slaughtered 1,100 people…” A Croatian fascist concentration camp guard describes a contest between the guards at the death camp Jasenovac to see which guard could kill most prisoners with his own hands in one night

“Franciscan Pero Brzica, Ante Zrinusic, Sipka and I waged a bet on who would slaughter more prisoners that night. The killing started and already after an hour I slaughtered much more than they did. It seemed to me that I was in seventh heaven. I had never felt such bliss in my life. And already after a few hours I slaughtered 1,100 people, while the others only managed to kill 300 to 400 each. And then, when I was experiencing the greatest ecstasy I noticed an elderly peasant standing and peacefully and calmly watching me slaughter my victims and them dying in the greatest pain. That look of his shook me: in the midst of the greatest ecstasy I suddenly froze and for some time couldn’t make a single move. And then I walked up to him and found out that he was some Vukasin [Mandrapa] from the village of Klepci near Capljina whose whole family had been killed, and who was sent to Jasenovac after having worked in the forests. He spoke this with incomprehensible peace which affected me more than the terrible cries around us. All at once I felt the wish to disrupt his peace with the most brutal torturing and, through his suffering, to restore my ecstasy and continue to enjoy the inflicting of pain.

“I singled him out and sat him down on a log. I ordered him to cry out: ‘Long live Poglavnik [Fuehrer] Pavelić!’, or I would cut his ear off. Vukasin was silent. I ripped his ear off. He didn’t say a word. I told him once again to cry out ‘Long live Pavelić!’ or I would tear off the other ear too. I tore off the other ear. ‘Yell: “Long live Pavelić!”, or I’ll tear off your nose.’ And when I ordered him for the fourth time to yell ‘Long live Pavelić!’ and threatened to take his heart out with a knife, he looked at me, that is, somehow through me and over me into uncertainty and slowly said: ‘Do your job, child.’ [Radi ti, dijete, svoj posao.] After that, these words of his totally bewildered me. I froze, plucked out his eyes, tore out his heart, cut his throat from ear to ear and threw him into the pit. But then something broke within me and I could no longer kill that night.


Alcoholic father with his son


The moment the 2nd plane crashed into the World Trade Center, from a different angle


People Falling From The Towers


September 11, 2001 there was one American in space. This is the picture he took from the International Space Station


Message to wife sent from a passenger on a hijacked airplane on 9/11


Bloody traces of a massacre of Tutsi schoolchildren attempting to escape the slaughter by climbing the walls, left on a bathroom wall of the Shagi Mission school, in the southwestern part of Rwanda, after the Rwanda genocide, on August 1994, in a photo taken Annie Leibovitz



Inside Raqqa: Women’s secret films from within closed city of terrorist sect ISIS


Enforcing Sharia Law in Raqqa


Father saying goodbye to his son and daughter. He would died the next evening from pancreatic cancer


Number one spot for suicides in New Mexico 


Pregnant Actress Sharon Tate enjoying a nice day in her yard. A few hours later and steps away she and 4 others would be slaughtered by members of Charles Manson’s crime family. Los Angeles. Aug. 9, 1969 


Man infected with rabies describes his condition (with subtitles)


Last image of Uruguayan Flight 571, before it crashed in the Andes on October 13th, 1972. Out of the 45 onboard 28 survived the initial crash, and survivors were eventually forced to cannibalize the dead to survive. 16 survivors were rescured 72 days later on December 23rd


Cigarette review channel becomes a terminal cancer vlog

Reviewing Marlboro Reds


Revealing he has cancer


Farwell video


Smoker vs Non-smoker lungs


Madras Famine in India in 1876


“Checked out a book on breast cancer for a research project, someone left their library receipt in it. “


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  • Josh Gordon

    There is hope for rabies, a teenage girl was given an experimental drug for rabies after she had already been infected and symptoms where showing. They’ve never done that before, fucking awesome bravo to everyone involved a huge step forward in the treatment of rabies without a doubt.

  • MMinLamesa

    WTF did I just tumble into?