A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos And Videos

September 18, 2017 | 2 Comments » | Topics: Interesting

President Trump walking with a boy who asked if he could mow the White House lawn, and was allowed to


The UC Davis pepper spray incident that the university payed over $100,000 to “erase from the internet”


Amish mug shots


Kim Jong-un watching the rocket take off


Rohingya Muslim man carried his parents for nearly 100 miles to escape Burma’s death squads (article about the ethnic cleansing taking place)


What every zoo should be like 


A Prada store in the West Texas desert that is never open for business

Prada Marfa is a permanently installed sculpture by artists Elmgreen and Dragset, situated 1.4 miles northwest of Valentine, Texas, just off U.S. Highway 90 (US 90), and about 26 miles northwest of the city of Marfa. The installation was inaugurated on October 1, 2005. The artists called the work a “pop architectural land art project.”

The sculpture, realized with the assistance of American architects Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello, cost $80,000 and was intended to never be repaired, so it might slowly degrade back into the natural landscape. This plan was deviated from when, six days after the sculpture was completed, vandals graffitied the exterior, and broke into the building stealing handbags and shoes.


In memory of the Cassini probe, this is Earth as seen from Saturn. The tiny blue dot is us


NRV II Concept. A vision in 1983 for what Nissan thought was to come in their cars in the future.


Hostel in Germany is an indoor vintage RV park 


Time gets us all


This is the largest container ship in the world. It can hold over 19,000 containers and is so massive, the recent expansion of The Panama Canal is still unable to accommodate it’s size


How to operate a STS Gantry Crane? Joystick CAM!! Loading a BIG vessel in the Port of Antwerp


Braces before and after (3 years)


HIV Positive fence…


Eminem’s letter to Tupac’s mom


Phil Heath vs Big Ramy for the 2017 Mr Olympia….



2017 Mr Olympia… Phil Heath


Phil Heath shit talking post Olympia… what a champion


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  • Kevin Williams

    Love Eminem!!

  • Pauly Incorrect

    Mr. Olympia = Massive dudes with little dicks.