Confessions Of A Las Vegas Stripper

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How close are you to completing your medical degree?

Nice, I love the cliches. Used to be one but sadly no plans to complete. Going in a different career direction

How did you get into stripping?

Long story short, I was a waitress at a shitty restaurant. I saw an ad in the paper for a cocktail waitress at a strip club. Went in for the interview, the manager said I was too pretty to waitress and I was going to dance. I told him to go fuck himself. Then I figured I couldn’t judge it if I didn’t try it, so gave it a go! I actually think it’s super fun. I’m outgoing and don’t have any body image issues so it’s great.

What is your stripping name and how’d you choose it?

Vanessa. It’s easy to say, pretty, customers think it’s sexy and I like “V” names.

Can you randomly change your name every night you work? Or once you pick one, that’s it?

Some clubs yes, some no. My club puts you in a computer because we have so many girls (over 7,000 on roster) so you can never change it. So you’d better like it! But at small clubs, you can change it at will.

Is it disadvantageous to change it due to repeat clientele? Or do they not care what you decide to call yourself for the most part?

It is, I always choose a name that is believable, and easy to pronounce over loud music. Cuts down on the “what’s your real name” bullshit, and as your customers get to know “you”, they basically fall in “love” with your character. It can also screw you up if they come to the bouncers or DJ asking for you and you’re using another name than your usual.

What is your go to song?

I like rock music so usually “Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums”. You can do a really sexy dance to that.

How much do you charge?

Lap dance $20, 3 for $100 mini VIP, $250 half hour, $500 full hr.

Shouldn’t it be 3 for 60?

It’s in a different area, the different room is 3 for $100 because it’s semi-private.

What’s the champagne room REALLY like?

Sometimes boring and mostly conversation. Other times I have witnessed/overhead more than just a dance. California strip clubs have gone downhill…literally low key brothels. However, in Nevada it is strictly dancing. “Extras” do occur but not as rampant as California clubs.

What’s the largest tip you’ve ever received?

I once did a 10hr VIP which I ended up getting $10,532 (still remember to the dollar!) for. It was from one guy, back in 2006 pre-economic shit show collapse, but that total came from the price per hour. I would say just tip… maybe $1,500 on top of the asked price.

What happens in a 10 hour VIP?

Ha, in my case, nothing. The dance I offer in VIP is literally EXACTLY THE SAME as on the floor. It’s just for an extended period of time. And I’ll usually try and get you very drunk. This guy was an Asian businessman who didn’t speak much English and was loaded. We danced, we talked (as much as we could communicate), I had a bouncer bring us a deck of cards (no bullshit!). He was nice, I had fun, good guy.

What did you do with the 10 g’s?

I bought my first car. Just a little Hyundai. I don’t need anything fancy, especially not when I was that age!

What is the most money you have seen someone “rain”?

Over $2k. The most I’ve ever had rain on me personally was $500. You want to see some crazy shit? Throw 2gs in ones on a stage. Girls will dive for that shit like seagulls.

How much do you have to tip out the DJ, bartenders, etc. after a shift? What percent of the money you make in a night do you actually take home?

At my current club, the pricing is as follows:

House fee: $50 weekday nights, $60 weekend nights. DJ: 10% of gross, $10 minimum. House mom: $7 minimum Funny money cash out: 10%

We don’t tip bartenders or anything, but any waitress or bartender who sends me to a customer I give them 10% of what I got at the table, whether it’s one dance or one hour! Teamwork. 🙂 So I’d say at this place I keep about 80%. 

What is a “house mom”?

Usually a late 30s to early 50s lady who stay in the dressing room and supplies food, tampons, aspirin, perfume, stuff like that. Sort of like your own mini free Walgreens. They also hold your keys and assess if you are too drunk to drive etc.

How much do you typically make per year?

It’s hard to say I would estimate 50,000-70,000. That is working 2-3 days a week. 5-6 hour shifts.

Do guys ever stand a chance at hooking up with strippers later that night? Any tricks to make it happen?

There are essentially four types of strippers.

  1. The party girls. They don’t give a fuck if they make money, they just want to get fucked up. These girls, high probability, but they are usually very young, very stupid, or both.

  2. The “means to an end” girls. This is myself. Maybe they are in school, or are saving for a business etc. These girls are businesswomen and there is usually less than a 5% chance.

  3. The girls who this is their chosen permanent career. They tend to be a little older, and are generally pretty smart about not mixing business and real life. Again, not much chance.

  4. The girls who do it because they feel they have no other choice. Usually bad self esteem, financial hardships, drug problems etc. High probability of getting one of these.

Of all the types in the SC, #1 and #4 are the most common types. As for tips to get them… buy a dance. Don’t say you “know how the game works” or “don’t have to pay for dances”. Buy the girl a drink and a dance and it goes a lot further. Don’t be creepy.

That’s all I can say about that, as I have never encountered a customer I felt compelled to go home with.

Did you ever get any emotional attachment to one of your customers?

No. Because it isn’t ME who likes them, it’s my character and they don’t really know me. It’s hard to explain. I’m not myself at work, I’m a whole different person.

Have you ever ran across some sketchy ass customers?

Oh yeah. Without sounding like a racist shitbag, it’s always ALWAYS Indian (from India) guys. I once had a guy pay me to pee in a beer bottle for $500. I had the DJ do it. The guy drank it and I LOL’ed at him drinking the DJs pee.

No shocker, this customer was Indian.

How about Arabs and Asians? Any bad experiences with them?

Asians are hit and miss for me. I’m nearly 5’10”, so sometimes I’m too tall for them, even though I’m thin. But the ones I do get, especially Japanese, are very sweet and respectful.

Arabs, I have no problem with them. I had 5 guys from Dubai last week and they were super generous and nice.

Anyone ever get touchy?

When I give a dance, I outline the rules immediately, even before I accept payment. I always say “Ok, you can touch my sides, my legs, and my butt if you’re gentle. No boobs or downstairs. All right?” I get them to agree and get my money up front.

You get one strike. The first time someone breaks the rules I say “I know it’s exciting, but remember you can’t do that!” Second time, I walk out, no questions I asked, and I’m taking the money too. I don’t tolerate abuse.

Do you find it hard to tell men to back off when they start to come on to strong? Would the situation change if they had a large amount of money?

Nope. In this business you have to know your boundaries and stick to them. I do not give a shit if they like me or not, or how much money they have. My rule is, I MAKE THE RULES. I have totally squished a guy’s cheeks and yelled NO in his face. I have hit someone with a shoe. I have slapped someone. I have stopped and looked in their eyes and said deadpan “Now, what made you think that was ok? What’s your logic here?”

I always have the upper hand. You have to. And no, money isn’t worth it to me. My dignity is priceless. Girls who break boundaries for money disgust me.

Is it ok for a guy to get a lap dance if he’s wearing thin sweatpants and no underwear?

Abso-fucking-lutely not. I will not do the dance if I suspect this and if I figure it out during, I stop the dance and no refunds. It’s not sanitary. At all.

Have you ever made a guy ejaculate in his pants just by giving him a lap dance?

I have had a guy do that against my will which resulted in a firm slap in the face.

Are you saying that you don’t rub your butt on dude’s erect junk?

That is not generally part of my dance unless it’s in VIP and even then it’s limited.

What are the weirdest customer that you’ve had?

Ball buster guys, the vomit fetish guy, the one who want physical abuse mainly are weird. But nothing is weird to me any more.

Do girls ever talk about their clients afterwards or make fun of them?

Oh yeah, of course. Dressing room talk is gold.

What is the craziest thing you have seen happen at a club?

Hmm. I’ve seen a dad come in, wrap his jacket around his daughter and carry her out. I’ve seen two girls 69 on a pole at Casa Diablo in Portland (that town is filthy, I could never do it). I didn’t know if I was impressed or horrified. I’ve seen a double ended dildo show at Centerfolds in SF. I thought it was bullshit but saw it IRL and bolted. I’ve seen a girl kick a customer in the face, and sad to say, I’ve seen a guy attempt to rape a dancer. 🙁

Centerfolds in SF. Got it.

Be careful, that place is a shithole, girls charge up to $200 FOR ONE DANCE because you can do whatever you want to them for those 3 minutes. Managers won’t do shit about it if you complain either, it’s a total racket!

Hmm… you can whatever as in whatever you want? But 3 mins is kinda short.

Hence why it’s a racket. It’s a great place for dirty girls. You can really make bank in there if you’re a hooker. Sadly, if you are like me, you will not make shit.

Was the girl carried out by her father a customer or a dancer?

Dancer, right off the stage.

You used the words “dirty” and “filthy” to describe a club — what exactly does that mean?

Dirty usually refers to a club with a lot of “extras” aka prostitution services… breast licking, hand jobs, blow jobs and full sex. Some of these clubs even have live sex shows. You can usually tell when a girl is up for these activities by the way she talks to you (also many will rub your dick over your pants while talking) and 90% of the time they wear their hair up… for logistical reasons.

Is there usually fights between strippers? 

Not usually but I did see a girl hide in the hallway, wait til another girl walked by, snatched her by her extensions and tossed her on the ground, proceeding to punch her in the face.

I casually stepped over them and went about my business.

Do you have a history of substance abuse?

Nope! I come from an upper middle class family, and am really honestly pretty normal. I drink, and smoke cigarettes, but only do both of those things at work. Why spend money on booze when you can get it at work for free? 😉 And drugs just don’t appeal to me. I respect my body.

It’s interesting you say you came from an upper middle class family. Are class distinctions visible among the dancers to you?

IMO, yes. Generally the 4th type tends to be from a situation with little to no opportunity. The 1st type either tends to be rebelling against daddy or again, from a bad situation. 2 and 3rd is mixed.

What’s the process of getting a job at a strip club?

This is how you get a job as a stripper:

Do makeup and hair. Select nice two piece outfit. Call the club ask about audition times. Drive to club, ask for manager. Wait between 5 and 60 minutes for them to appear. Dance on a side stage for around 30 seconds. They then tell you yes or no if you’re cute enough to be hired. They don’t GAF about your personality. No club asks you anything aside from OCCASIONALLY if you’ve danced before.

How long do you intend on staying in this career? Have you given any thought to what you plan to do after?

I’m smart! I save 50% of my money every night, regardless of whether it’s a good night or a bad night. I am (happily) married, so my husband and I are saving up to start a business of our own. I’ll likely do it two more years

How does your husband deal with you being a dancer? Obviously he handles it well?

My husband is a model so we always say we have essentially the same job. When he does a shoot with a female model, they have to act intimate, etc etc. For me, I act like I’m interested I just do it topless. I also do not allow touching of any bikini area (even boobs) so limiting the contact works well. His only request is that I take a shower before bed after work, which I totally understand and have no issue complying with.

Do any of your friends/family know of your profession? How did they take it?

I’m very out, everyone knows. I have a single dad, and he basically told me if I was ok with it, respecting my own boundaries and not keeping myself up at night, he was cool with it. My friends, most were great and the ones who got judge-y got kicked to the curb.

Is it safe to date a (non-crazy) stripper?

Yes. Honestly, I am very happily married, totally normal OTC. I leave work at work, am mentally stable. Most girls I associate with are like me, but I’m very careful whom I make friends with at work.

If she tells you up front what she does, like first date… this is a GOOD sign. If they try and hide it, run.

What’s the best way to go about asking out a stripper?

I would simply say something like “I’ve really enjoyed talking to you, and was wondering if you are opposed to making friends in the club, because if not, I’d love to hang out sometime.”

DON’T say take you out to dinner or anything like that. We hear all night dudes who want to take us to dinner, or save us, or something. Make it very casual, don’t make it seem like you’re asking her on a date. You can set that up once you actually meet up with her.

You have been dancing for 8 years, what have you learned from being a stripper?

How to be spontaneous. How to be adaptable to many situations. Complete and total social fluency. How to be free.

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