GIVEAWAY!!! Presented By Watch Gang

September 20, 2017 | 14 Comments » | Topics: Awesomeness


The awesome folks over at WatchGang have generously donated 2 awesome watches for us to give away. WatchGang is a monthly subscription service that sends you a watch worth up from 2-5x what you pay. Each watch you receive is tailored to your style and taste, once you complete their online survey. Not only do you get a stylish watch every month, you also get a chance to win a Rolex every Friday! As a watch enthusiast, it doesn’t get better than that.

If you want to win one of these watches, post a picture of your favorite watch and tell us why its your favorite watch. 2 winners will be chosen at the end of the week.


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  • Dan

    Easy, the Vacheron Constantin Tour de I’lle Watch. This is my favorite watch because Rolex is considered the Cadillac of watches but Vacheron is the Ferrari. Handcrafted and meticulously assembled, the number of complications might be moderate, but the level of precision and craftsmanship puts more complex watches to shame. This watch has 834 individual parts and took over 10,000 hours to design, and no piece is the same.

  • John K

    Not an expensive watch by any means, but the favourite of my own collection. My father bought one for himself and I liked it so much I was gifted one of my own that year at Christmas. Citizen Blue Angel Navi hawk. He loved watches and I loved that we shared this one.

  • awsome plasma

    I’ve been coming to your site years and appreciate all the time and effort you put into making these galleries. Cheers!!!

    This watch hasn’t left my sight since I purchased it in 2007. At 14 I started wearing a watch and have since, usually Fossil and I still have everyone of them. At 19 I started a skilled trade apprenticeship then I noticed a Movado for the 1st time and feel in love. I was raised in a lower middle class family and we worked for everything extra we wanted. With that being said, my new direction in life would allow me to afford a $600-$800 Mavado. This may not seem like a lot of money to some people, but at 19 it was 2 months of rent. So after finishing the 4 year apprenticeship in 3 years, working 55-65 hours a week and going to school 3 nights, I decided this watch would be my own personal gift, and I still wear this watch everyday, 10 years later. This was a small but large accomplishment for myself. Side note, at this time in my life I was going to be a father soon and married my best friend. I wasn’t going to purchase the watch and she insisted that I did, since I worked so hard and needed to reward myself. We are still happily married for almost 11 years and she has put up with me for almost 17.

  • HoggHead209

    This is my Nixon 51-30. It was given to me by my mother in law for Christmas 3 years ago. She passed away from cancer in 2016 so it means everything to me. Unfortunately the watch has stopped working 2 times already so I keep having to send it in. I need a new watch.

  • Robert Rob

    My SottoMarino watch my father in law got for me for taking his daughter off his hands. Even with a cracked face I still wear it just to piss her off that I am in fact too cheap to fix it. Our 1 year old daughter smashed it about 6 months and it was also the watch I was wearing when she was conceived…

  • Definitely Not.

    Sadly some unbranded watch from the discount store that my niece got m e. I lost when I got jumped on the beach of Mexico while spending time with my cousins and aunt. It wasn’t anything fancy but it was mine, it was had that metal polished look to it and was my prised possession. I haven’t worn a watch since.

  • Definitely Not.

    Sadly some unbranded watch from the discount store that my niece got me as a present. I lost it when I got jumped on the beach of Mexico by three guys while spending time with my cousins and aunt. It wasn’t anything fancy but it was mine, it a had that metal polished look to it and was my prised possession. I haven’t worn a watch since.

  • Matias Ezequiel Traian

    hi guys!

    greetings from Argentina… Im a big fan and I’ve been here for over
    10 years..I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the number
    of hours I spent on this page and tell you that I am riot police and as
    you can see my watch (although it is not of recognized brand)
    combines with my uniform … the clock not only counts the hours …
    he can also count many battles that we spent together during these
    10 years! I send you a big hug from Argentina.

  • Tingle

    I’ll keep it short and simple. Being in the military I need something simple and solid. That’s why I always use a Timex. The downside is that I don’t have a “cool” watch.

  • Ken

    This watch was made to be accurate as balls in space and was on every astronauts wrist that’s been to space so it’s one of my favorites for sure!

  • Jan Mark Hubahib

    I like this watch a lot because this is my dad’s and he gave it to me before migrating to the US. I know its nothing like the other fancy schmancy stuff that you guys have, but it means a lot to me even though I have to set the time myself and bang the damn life out of it each morning (its kinetic) just to get around 30 minutes of accurate time.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like this Invicta a lot, but I am joining so that my old man can get a new watch for himself. Thumbs up, cheers or a salute to dads who love their sons.

  • Avi Avital

    I love Diving, Swimming, and Running. I suppose the Citizen Blue Diver has been the best watch I owned because it was a gift from a great friend who knew I needed a new watch that worked with my hobbies that also did not make me look like a doofus. I used to own old Casios and weak dive watches but this one really is damn tough. It is also blue which is nice since I find most watches to not try and throw colors outside of black and gold and silver out there. I can sweat and swim in this watch and have it never break. A watch that lasts is the best kind.

  • Mike stopaskingforthis

    I got this watch as a birthday present from my brother. I don’t know how much he spent or how he got it, but somehow, he was able to get me this amazing and beautiful watch. It is definitely my favorite watch. I wear it all the time, and the funniest part is, I get almost 95% of my compliments from other guys. That’s my two cents. Also, I’ve been on this site forever.

  • one.tru.north

    This watch I got from my aunties place. They owned a building and some of the tenants didn’t pay rent or something so they lost all the stuff, I guess they owned a pawn shop and had a lot of cool old watches. This one is a wind-up watch with a cool buzz alarm feature. My dad said my grandpa wore one similar for like 30 years! Same watch, wind it everyday, 30 years haha. I’ve been wearing mine for like 6 months now and time is still reliable;) cheers