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16 Year Old Kid Destroys The Worlds Biggest Bully


Dmitry Pirog slipping punches 


Man dies in Singapore celebrity kick boxing match

Some context, Steven Lim is infamous for Singapore for being a jokester and somewhat attention-seeking, always doing ridiculous PR hence no one really takes him too seriously.
This kick-boxing match was seen by everyone as a very light hearted event and kind of a joke so him even winning and eventually leading to his opponent’a death is Super surprising and I hope I’m not over exaggerating by saying that lots of Singaporeans are fucking shocked over what just happened. Absolutely crazy Condolences to his opponent Pradip Subramaniam RIP


K-1 era Gokhan Saki was scary stuff


Video of young Rickson Gracie sparring Chuck Norris


Erik Morales, renowned for his bravado, mocks Danny Garcia’s signature hook


Danny Garcia ends Erik Morales’ storied career with his renowned hook


Roy Jones shrugs at a valiant but outmatched Pazienza before he finishes him in caricature fashion


Devestating combo by Mike Tyson


Deontay Wilder extends his jab, then strips Kelvin Price’s guard to land his KO right


Kimbo Slice vs Sean Gannon (Police Officer)


Third Grade Youth Football Coaches Fight

This happened in Tulsa . The score was 31-6 and there were two minutes left to go. The coach who instigated this says:

“I did it. I accept responsibility. I did what I did.”

“I asked the offensive coordinator Coach “A” if he could put some substitutes in and let my son carry the ball,” he said. “He turned around and he said, ‘Your son is slow, and he’s not ever gonna run the ball.'”

The coach says he has a son who is autistic and hearing someone call his other son slow triggered something inside him.

“I’ve been coaching since I was 18 years old, volunteering,” he said. “This has never happened before. I lost my mind. I said curse words in front of the kids. I was screaming.”

The head coach asked him to leave, so as he was packing up. He says Coach “B” walked by and insulted him and his son.

He says that’s when things got physical.

“Couldn’t really recall everything that happened until I actually watched the film and I was horrified,” he added.

Now, he’s been banned from coaching in the league and says he’s hanging up his whistle for good.

“I promise I will never step foot on another football field as a volunteer coach again,” he said. “I promise you all that.”

At this point, he wants to apologize to the parents, the coaches, and especially, the kids.

“I would like to tell them, honestly, that I’m so sorry,” he said. “They didn’t deserve that. And I mean it from the bottom of my heart.”

He went on to say, “To Coach “A” and Coach “B,” I’m sorry. I lost my cool. I reacted in an inappropriate way.”

The other two men are banned from coaching for the rest of the year.


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