Reaction GIFs Beeeyotch!

September 28, 2017 | 2 Comments » | Topics: Funny Pictures

When my friend tells me his MLM is not a pyramid scheme


When I’m still paying my student loan and my wife says, “I wanna start a family”


When I have a good story to tell but the conversation shifts making my story now off topic 


When my owner pretends to throw the ball but instead he pump fakes for the sixth time in a row 


When I think I’m done pooping… but not quite


When the lady in line in front of me at the register pulls out a checkbook


When I match with a hot girl on tinder who: messages me first, only has one, extremely high quality, picture and an overly sexual bio 


When I’m on my way home and I havve to take a dump really bad but if I run I will shit myself


When it’s been a while and she asks you to hop in the shower with her


Kim Jong Un Celebrating A Missile Launch


When my Saudi Arabian co-worker mentions that his uncle died on 9/11