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In today’s world we are constantly bombarded with beautiful people and things on the news and media, and it’s easy to think  “if only I had a girlfriend, or if only I had all these things, or all this money, then I would finally be happy.

I mean we live in a capitalistic society. Money, fame, and beauty is the whole purpose of life right?

The truth is that the quest for things is a thirst that will never be quenched.

Once you have one thing, it’ll be another thing. And another thing. And another thing.

Enough will never be enough.

I used to deal with some pretty heavy depression.

And through this journey, I came to the realization that my happiness was entirely dependent on external sources.

My happiness was derived from how popular I was at the time, how many likes I was getting on social media, how much money I was making and if it was enough to impress people.

And of course, how often I was able to get drunk or high and how good looking the girl on my arm was that night.

If you think about it, none of those things are really under your control.

They’re all outside factors that you don’t really have much say about.

When it comes down to it, it’s almost as ridiculous as letting your mood be dependent on the weather.

No matter how much you love your friends and they love you – everyone eventually gets let down. And it’s not necessarily their fault – they’re just human.

You’re human.

A none of those things are inherently bad things.

But just like we were talking about how money is a neutral object that turns into what we make it – they’re all super easy to get sucked into when you don’t have a solid foundation of happiness beforehand.

Again there’s a balance that comes with everything. Without balance – anything can turn into something that’s not good for you.

So what can we control?

Our own personal growth.

Our own personal passions.

Our own pursuit of finding what really defines us.

Once you’re able to prioritize what matters in your life – all of those outside factors will only make you happier, but won’t affect you as much when they let you down.

There’s nothing like knowing your happiness is based on yourself. Keep growing, keep learning, keep following your dreams and passions, and no outside factors will ever be able to take that happiness away from you.

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