What $300,000 Buys In Housing Markets Around The World

October 2, 2017 | 11 Comments » | Topics: Interesting

Mäntyharju, Finland — $298,530 (€269,000)

Location: The shores of Lake Kallavesi


Santorini, Greece — $288,545 (€260,000)

Location: The village of Emborio


Sosúa, Dominican Republic — $289,970 (€261,285)

Location: A prestigious settlement 300 m from the sea


Saint Petersburg, Russia — $298,835 (€269,275)

Location: Petrodvortsovy District, the village of Strelna


Lagos, Portugal — $277,445 (€250,000)

Location: The resort town of Praia da Luz


Natal, Brazil — $304,255 (€274,155)

Location: Rio Grande do Norte


Lezzeno, Italy — $299,640 (€270,000)

Location: The shores of Lake Como


Bar, Montenegro — $305,190 (€275,000)

Location: Close to the beach and the city center


Oliva, Spain — $294,090 (€265,000)

Location: San Pere


Sochi, Russia — $298,835 (€269,275)

Location: Zvezdnaya Street, Sovkhoz Primorskii district


Los Angeles, USA — $300,000 (€270,325)

Location: Zamora Avenue


Antalya, Turkey — $299,640 (€270,000)

Location: Kemer

Brittany, France — $295,740 (€266,490)

Location: Landébia


Poreč, Croatia — $288,545 (€260,000)

Location: A quiet district in the resort area

Bali, Indonesia — $273,000 (€246,000)

Location: Umalas

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  • Jasin

    Isn’t everyone except for the U.S. just so awesome!

    • Palace Gypsy

      No, it’s just Los Angeles that sucks on this list.

    • the man from amsterdam

      america is a seriously flawed country, but its not absolute shite like a lot of people seem to think.

      • Bob Frapples

        America isn’t “seriously” flawed, the people are. You have a place where there’s plenty of opportunity but the people are the ones who create barriers and make it difficult. It’s a haven for freedom but because of those freedoms, people take advantage. America is an amazing place, just get rid of all the assholes. 😉

        • Brad Punch

          You first

          • Bob Frapples

            I’m not the problem, sweetie… cunty liberals and welfare queens are. You one of ’em?

            • Brad Punch

              Nope. Thought you were , though:) Sorry about that.

              • Bob Frapples

                meh, I get cunty every now and then. I can understand the mistake. 😉

  • DR N

    San francisco would be 1 room studio , Lol !

    • ERT

      and in a dope fiend alley.

      • miked765

        we used to dream of livin in dope fiend alley