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Black travellers in the 1950s had their own guidebook to the US telling them where it was safe to stop, shop, eat and even stay the night (article)

In 1956, the year that federal funding made the Interstate Highway System possible, Jim Crow was still the law of the land. In the South, racial segregation was enforced by law — and had been since shortly after Reconstruction. In many parts of the North, the codes were enforced in practice. This reality made cross-country trips complicated, and sometimes even perilous, for black travelers.

Some African-American tourists would drive all night instead of trying to find lodging in an unfamiliar and possibly dangerous town. They would pack picnics so they could avoid stopping at restaurants that might refuse to serve them. Some people would even carry portable toilets in the trunks of their cars, knowing there was a good chance they would be turned away from roadside restrooms.

But in 1936, a man named Victor Hugo Green started a travel guide to make life on the road easier and safer for black motorists.

The guide listed, state by state, the restaurants, hotels, service stations, and other businesses that would welcome African-American travelers. Green called it “The Negro Motorist Green Book,” or “The Green Book,” for short.


An American woman never learned what happened to her husband, whose plane was shot down over Les Ventes, France during WWII. She finally got her congressman to reopen his case in 2011. She was shocked to learn the town had been memorializing him and his sacrifice for 67 years. (article)

Since learning her husband crashed near here, Peggy has been making an annual pilgrimage. She visits the nearby woods where the plane went down — escorted by 91-year-old Guy Surleau, the only witness still living.

He was able to maintain control of the plane, despite his condition, and avoid the village, Guy said.

A hero in death, at first they buried Billie in their local cemetery and covered his grave with flowers — knee deep. Even after his body was moved to the American cemetery at Normandy, the town continued to take flowers to his grave, assuming he had no living relatives to do so.



Scientists put slime mold onto a model of a map of Tokyo, with food representing urban centers. After a day, it created a network almost identical to Tokyo’s actual rail network. Human designers created that network to be as efficient as possible; slime mold did the same, but without a brain (article)

“it behaves like a colony. Every part rhythmically expands and contracts, pushing around the fluid inside. If one part of the plasmodium touches something attractive, like food, it pulses more quickly and widens. If another part meets something repulsive, like light, it pulses more slowly and shrinks. By adding up all of these effects, the plasmodium flows in the best possible direction without a single conscious thought. It is the ultimate in crowdsourcing.”


The German Parliament building has a glass dome above it that people can climb using a spiral ramp. The dome symbolizes that the people are above the government, and the government should be transparent. 



In the movie Interstellar, they actually planted hundreds of acres of corn just for the sake of the movie and it ultimately costed nothing because they made all of the money back when they sold the crop


Two guys used their dead friends ashes as fishing bait and caught the worlds biggest Carp

In February 2015, a group of fishing buddies (Ron, Cliff & Paul) decided to go fishing in Thailand at a place called Jurassic Mountain Resort & Fishing Park. Intent on catching the biggest Carp in the lake, which at the time was a 154lb Siamese Carp.

This fish is literally the fish of a lifetime and on that fateful day Ron would be the man that put this leviathan into the net. The battle between man and fish would last well over an hour before Ron eventually tamed the beast close enough to the bank to get it in the net.

Once the leviathan had submitted, the three friends got a few trophy pictures and safely released the fish to fight another day.

The three agreed to return the following year.

Sadly in that same time Ron was diagnosed with Liver Cancer and passed away just a few days after the diagnosis. Before Ron passed away the three friends discussed their planned fishing trip to Thailand. Facing the harsh reality that was to be Ron wouldn’t be there to join them this time around, the friends agreed to scatter some of Ron’s ashes into the lake at Jurassic Mountain.

However, this was not going to be the conventional scattering of ashes you might picture in your mind. It was agreed between the three that Cliff and Paul would use some of Ron’s ashes to make boilies and then use those to catch fish in Ron’s physical absence.

Sadly, Ron passed away 3 days before Christmas 2015 and will be sorely missed by all who knew him. True to their word, Cliff and Paul had some of Ron’s ashes mixed into their fishing baits and dubbed them “Purple Ronnies” for their return trip to Thailand in April 2016.

A full account of the story can be found here



English sailors on the HMS Dolphin in 1766 discovered that native women on islands would trade sex for iron, and began pulling nails out, causing loss of the ship’s structural integrity

Although traditional Tahitian culture did not sanction extramarital sexual relations, within 48 hours of Wallis’s arrival, Tahitian husbands and fathers were encouraging their wives and daughters to swim out to the Dolphin and offer the sailors sex in exchange for iron nails.




A fan once approached Bob Ross and said ‘Bob, I could never paint, because I’m colour-blind. All I can see is gray tones’. This prompted Ross to paint an entire painting using only grays and whites


When AC/DC was accused of backmasking Satanic messages in “Highway To Hell”, guitarist Angus Young said “you didn’t need to play [the album] backwards, because we never hid [the messages]. We’d call an album Highway To Hell, there it was right in front of them.” 


While viewing porn, men tend to focus on a woman’s eyes and lips over breasts or genitals. Researchers speculate that men look at women’s faces to determine how “turned on” the woman is. (article)

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In the 1990s, the South African government dismantled all of its nuclear weapons, the first nation in the world which voluntarily gave up all nuclear arms it had developed itself.

In the 90’s, when the apartheid government realized they were losing their grip on power, they made the noble, and wise, decision to dismantle the country’s nuclear arsenal, because they knew the consequences would be disastrous if the ANC (African National Congress) got their hands on them.



Extinction was only accepted as a fact in late 18th century after Georges Cuvier, the father of paleontology, disproved the old theory that it was impossible for species to go extinct because God wouldn’t wipe out a species he spent time creating for his Divine Plan.

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