A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos And Videos

October 9, 2017 | 6 Comments » | Topics: Fascinating, Fascinating

Rewritting History…Found In A School History Book


Navy SEALS underwater training


In 2015 the eiffel tower in Las Vegas went dark to honor Paris after the tragic terrorist attacks. Today, Paris honored Las Vegas


Man flips off Las Vegas gunman during active shooting


Air Force One Leaving Las Vegas by Mike Blake (Reuters) 


Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard, in 1996 wearing a bullet-proof vest under his suit for his address to Australian gun owners after banning guns in the wake of the Port Arthur massacre


What the ceiling of this airport’s smoking area looks like 


How to operate a STS Gantry Crane


A 19 year old Sofia Vergara 


“Little Joe”, a WWII crossbow used by Britain’s Special Operations Executive for covert missions where even a silenced pistol was too loud

Loaded View


Finnish Border Guard 5th Special Intervention Unit


Horse lungs when inflated 



San Francisco – 1906 in HD


Before And After Transgender Transformations

The former US marine has served six tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, gotten married and raised a daughter before deciding to come out. Sona currently lives in Austin, Texas.




First grader learning about internet 


Olivia Culbreath, 21, was charged with six counts of murder in this pre-dawn drunk driving crash. She drove her red Chevrolet Camaro the wrong way on two freeways before colliding head-on into a Ford Explorer at more than 100 mph.

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  • Tingle

    Thats a Canadian text book btw.

    • Jac Jac


      I had hoped that we were making headway in acknowledging our horrific treatment of indigenous peoples, but this is atrocious.

      • DrJ

        well technically it is correct.
        you see the new settlers were like.”hey we want this land… you move.” the native americans were like “hey bra, we share everything…everything is yours and mine, we share.” then the settlers were like ” this is a gun. move off our new land” and the natives were like ” ok.”
        so yes, they asked and they agreed. because if they didn’t agree then they would be killed.
        now is this wrong. should we have shame on something that happened so long ago.
        no. this is a thing that happened. and we can be proud of columbus for all that happened. its the way things went back then. we can’t put our modern ideals on the past.
        oh no how aghast you must feel reading that some on is proud of columbus.
        lets put our modern ideals on the indians.
        please look into the way in which the native americans lived. they were war mongering, tribal, cannibals. these weren’t baptists.
        so should we go around persecuting the native americans because their great grand parents killed their neighbors and ate them?

        • MightyMule

          It’s not the swindling natives out of their land part that’s bad. It’s that whole forced labor under the threat of execution or dismemberment thing that sticks out as a problem. You know, Columbus instituting slavery on the natives for his own personal gain. He can’t fall back on just following orders because he was arrested and stripped of his governorship by the Spanish monarchy.

          Also, he never had any interaction with Native Americans since he never reached the coast of North America. His crimes were committed in Central and South America, so your whole Native American diatribe doesn’t even have anything to do with Columbus.

          • John Bourne

            Like this never happened anywhere in the world before Columbus. Get over it, none of us were alive when it happened and crying about it now won’t help. Suck it up buttercup.

      • Bob Frapples

        I think it’s time to change your pad.