The Dumping Grounds

October 11, 2017 | 8 Comments » | Topics: The Dumping Grounds

All politics aside, Eminem brought the FIRE with this freestyle


Magician exposed


Why do guys like pro wrestling?


Chiropractor fixed up this teen hunchback


And the douche of the week award goes to…


Dude Knocks A Man Out With A Drum For Busting His Car Window!


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  • Josh Gordon

    Hahahah yall proved his point, fucking niggers.

    • bobcollum

      What a pussy.

  • Pauly Incorrect

    Uneducated “rappers” are obviously under the misconception that people give a fuck about their political views. They should review the whole “Hollywood for Hillary” movement for reference.

    • bobcollum

      Yeah, be a reputable commenter on the internet instead, like this guy.

      • Pauly Incorrect

        Nice to know that I have fans. Sign up for my news letter at

        • Randy Watson

          Goddamn the butthurt is real!

          • Bob Frapples

            c’mon, that was pretty good.

  • Tingle

    Ah yes Eminememe, a rapper who rapped about women/gay rights in all his songs. Paragon of morality. Surely we must listen to his outstanding political opinion.