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Extreme weight cutting has to stop

This video features Brazilian fighter Daniel Lima, weighing in before his bout at Pancrase, barely able to walk to the scale after having to cut 16lbs in two days. Speaking with MMA Fighting before the bout Lima said (about the weight-cut) “Since it was my first time outside of Brazil I had no experience, I thought it would be easy, it was tough, painful.”


Ian McCall, one of the few people to ever give Demetrious Johnson a hard time


How much would It take for you to spar a prime Mike Tyson? Mike Tyson used to pay sparring partners $100 per round. They didn’t always make it to three minutes.




How to beat someone 200lbs heavier than you


Heated sparring between Kevin Lee and Christian Thomas at Mayweather’s gym


Floyd Mayweather’s Dog house


Erislandy Lara couldn’t miss Canelo with his left hand


Fixed Fights In MMA


Unbelievable violence. Watched this at least a dozen times


Brandon Schuab describes that time he accidentally got Cro Cop’s check


True Sportmanship


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