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October 17, 2017 | No Comments » | Topics: main

"One of the first questions people ask or wonder after following along live during races like #moab240 is what about sleep? Good question, as is clear, gotta keep moving. It’s a race to 240 miles on foot and the clock never stops. You must stop to eat, to get feet bandaged, etc., but not necessarily to sleep. My goal was to finish the race before no sleep began to wreak havoc on my body. But the deal again, is when you are sleeping you are not covering miles which is the name of the game. So in general sleeping = bad. Here was my sleep for the past four nights.

Friday zero

Saturday a 23 minute nap by the trail, two 12 minutes naps like pictured when energy waned.
And, 1 one minute nap where I fell asleep then popped right back but I asked Taylor, how long did I sleep? He said one minute, so I said lets go. 
Sunday 1 hour 15 minutes. My body was not performing right so I decided to actually lay down. Afterwards I felt good and ran hard for multiple hours, which I hadn’t been able to do in at least a day. But still it’s a craps game. If you can run near your highest level on zero sleep and not lose any time, perfect! Not many can. 
Total sleep during 79 hours of running, a few minutes over 2 hours. And who knows if any of what I wrote here makes sense? Probably doesn’t as I still haven’t slept, but I did take a shower. #winning haha"

Cameron Hanes