The Dumping Grounds

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Mama a 59 year old terminally ill chimpanzee recognises the man who used to cared for her. A week later she died. 


B-17 Waist Gunner Training Cartoon


Cop gives man his marijuana back…no lives ruined, no taxes wasted in prosecuting the man. This is how it should be


Serial Killer Rodney Alcala On The Dating Game

Rodney Alcala is a convicted rapist and serial killer. He was sentenced to death in California in 2010 for five murders committed in that state between 1977 and 1979. In 2013 he received an additional sentence of 25 years to life after pleading guilty to two homicides in New York in 1971 and 1977. His true victim total remains unknown, and could be much higher. Prosecutors say that Alcala “toyed” with his victims, strangling them until they lost consciousness, then waiting until they revived, sometimes repeating this process several times before finally killing them.

He is sometimes labeled the “Dating Game Killer” because of his 1978 appearance on the television show The Dating Game in the midst of his murder spree. Police discovered a collection of more than 1,000 photographs taken by Alcala, mostly of women and teenaged boys, most of them in sexually explicit poses. They speculate that some of his photographic subjects could be additional victims.

One police detective called Alcala “a killing machine” and others have compared him to Ted Bundy. A homicide investigator familiar with the evidence speculates that he could have murdered as many as 50 women, while other estimates have run as high as 130.


How David Fincher Hijacks Your Eyes