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October 20, 2017 | 6 Comments » | Topics: Man-Up

The life you have is a product of how you think. Your circumstances are irrelevant.

Be aware of how you think. Be self-aware enough to call yourself out on a false narrative you’re feeding yourself. As a negative thinker, an excuse-maker, you prevent yourself from seeing a positive truth and opportunity.

When you don’t think you can do something, when you don’t completely believe that you can possibly achieve something grand, you never even attempt to give it your all in pursuit of whatever it is that your soul, the very core of your being begs you to accomplish.

We need accomplishment as humans to feel fulfilled. We need accomplishment because it’s evidence that we’re useful, that we’re here for a good reason, a worthy reason.

Accomplishment is evidence that we’ve lived. It’s proof that we’ve at least come close to reaching our potential.

The greatest tragedy in life is wasted talent, and it’s a tragedy that 99.999% of the people on this planet and especially in our society realize without ever completely ‘realizing it’.

Accomplishment is dependent on a positive mind-frame. You can’t win if you’re limited in how you think. If you’re constantly providing excuses for why you can’t do what you dream of doing, you’ll not only never be successful, but you’ll never reach your potential.

You’ll die with everything left in the tank.

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  • the man from amsterdam

    “The life you have is a product of how you think. Your circumstances are irrelevant.”

    what about the people who are starving in africa ? what about the victims of the holocaust ? these article over-simplify things and they piss me off.
    a lot of people arent “excuse makers” some people really cant fucking help it.
    i cant change the way i think and cure my fucking autism.
    people who are in wheelchairs because of a myriad of reasons cant think their way out of their new way of life. the families of the las vegas shooting victims cant think their way out of having lost one or more loved ones and having shattered shitty lives.

    so get the fuck outta here with this bullshit.

    • T

      I’ve seen people with autism and in wheel chairs do great things. Your mindset, says a lot about you. I feel for you. Keep your head up. Find what drives you. Don’t let it be anger.

      • the man from amsterdam

        i know. and anger doesnt drive me, but it is a big part of me. thanks to my dad. i wont go into details, but its safe to say he is a massive c*nt. anyway, thanks brother. i hope you do well in life. later.

    • Abdul

      There are plenty of examples where circumstances broke individuals but also, it led people do amazing things. You spoke of holocaust victims : Elie Wiesel escaped the Gas Chambers to become a Nobel Prize winner in Literature, same with Alexander Grothendieck who was a German-born French mathematician who became the leading figure in the creation of modern algebraic geometry. George Charpak was captured and held in the Dachau Nazi Concentration camp and ended up winning the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1992 for concepts that not only had an application in that field but in Biology and Medicine as well. Don’t even get me started with autistic individuals that achieved great things. Again, I cannot even begin to understand what those people have endured ( and the small surviving percentage that they represent) but a Holocaust survivor once said, the true victory of the Jewish people is that we did not let our pain define us. The achievements above are good representation of that. Hope this helps.

      • the man from amsterdam

        those are rare cases though. those things happening doesn’t dis prove what i said.

      • Nakka

        Your attitude can tremendously affect your accomplishments. Screaming “Poor me, the world isn’t fair” does nothing good for you. BUT, “Your circumstances are irrelevant”? Putting the blinders on and pretending that the world is fair? That’s bullshit too. It’s the classic Nature vs. Nurture debate, and the answer is (spoiler!) in the middle. If Elie Wiesel said, “I’m having troubles dealing with the things I saw and it’s effecting my life negatively,” I would believe him and give him a wide berth. If another c. camp survivor was having greater difficulties, I wouldn’t say “Elie’s doing fine. Grow up.” Wiesel certainly wouldn’t say it either.

        The “it’s all in your head” crowd is growing – this isn’t aimed at you, Abdul, it’s just something I’ve noticed. There is a lack of empathy, a lack of statistics. To them, height doesn’t matter in basketball (look at Muggsy Bogues!). Small companies don’t need capital to grow, just a good attitude! People don’t need investment! Good businesses thrive regardless of market conditions! While in the real world, outside factors like those DO matter, tremendously. In rock climbing you can get better and better until your natural tendon strength comes into play. You’re either born with it or you aren’t. So, when you run into outside factors, don’t whine; adapt. (maybe even go in a completely different direction.) BUT, when someone else runs into a wall, keep your blaming to yourself. “There, but for the grace…” (Once again, not aimed at you Abdul, aimed at others).