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October 25, 2017 | No Comments » | Topics: Sports

Brain damaged and permanently disabled former fighter Brian “Twitch” Franco has a message for Roc Nation 

Here’s the knockout in June against Jose Haro  that put him in a coma for 9 days and left him in the state he’s in right now. He’s since had 2 major brain surgeries and a number of follow up procedures.

Here’s the link to his gofundme:

If you’re wondering why he’s wearing a helmet in this pic, it’s for his own protection. As severely brain damaged as he is, he’s now required to wear a helmet every time he’s on his feet. As stated in the gofundme, his immediate care for the next six weeks will average $1,200 per day. People like to joke that crowdfunding is now America’s preferred health “insurance,” but it’s not even a joke anymore sadly. Especially for professional boxers like Franco who have zero social security, benefits, and safety nets.

What a fucking shame how in 2017 boxing is still in the state it is, with fighters being discarded into the rubbish bin and cast aside once they can no longer earn money for their promoters, even in spite of the fact that the fighter gave up his livelihood and wellbeing for it. It doesn’t matter how fucked up, brain damaged, forlorn, or destitute you are–once you no longer have any earning potential you don’t even get so much as a call or some well wishes. And this kid nearly lost his life. Fucking disgraceful stuff all around.


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