These Photos Show Women Before, During, and After Orgasms

October 26, 2017 | 6 Comments » | Topics: Interesting

After recruiting 22 women for the project, Brazilian photographer Marcos Alberti took four headshots of each of them before, during, and after they orgasmed. They masturbated using massagers, but everything below the waist was hidden from both the camera and the photographer.

The O Project was created in collaboration with women’s sex toy brand Smile Makers, which helped to recruit the women by posting a callout on its Facebook page. The brand’s vibrators were used to bring the women to orgasm. Like Alberti, the company also wants to normalise female sexuality and encourage women to celebrate their desire, which is so often “shrouded in shame and secrecy”.

The women he used in his project come from all ethnicities and nationalities, some from traditionally conservative countries like China and Singapore. Alberti says his hope is that women across the globe can freely talk about orgasming without feeling embarrassed.

The O Project


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  • MattTarango

    They’re still faking.

  • Iamsofakingawesome

    Replace Orgasm with Diarrhea and it still works.

    • Edward Adams


      You win the internet today, sir.

    • Fabio Fontana

      HAHA! Well pleayed sir, well played.

  • Jason Arsenault

    What kind of line do you use to get 22 women to masturbate for you while you take photos. He must be as smooth as Ricardo Montalbán.

    • DerekTStone