Confessions Of A Nevada Brothel Sex Worker

October 30, 2017 | No Comments » | Topics: TRUTH

Why/how did you choose this career path?

I worked in the beauty/spa industry before this, and it wasn’t paying what I needed to support my lifestyle. I have done sex work on the side for many years (webcamming, pron, panty selling) to suppliment my income. Being innately sexual and being myself/my sexual persona is far more gratifying than feeling like someone’s servant at a day spa.

I decided I would rather do the part time job I enjoy as a full time job instead. I decided to work at the brothels in Nevada as it is something unique, I like the community aspect of the brothel and although I feel it is over regulated, I like the safety as well.

Can you take me through a normal days work at the brothel?

Sure! I work at 12 hr shift, so I’m technically on 4 pm – 4 am on weekdays, 4-6 am on Friday/Saturday.

I generally wake up around 9:30 am, head to our private gym on site. We have a personal trainer 5 x a week that works with us there, but I prefer to workout alone.

11:30, I’m showering and getting ready. Shaving, lotion, self tanner, dancing around in my panties, makeup, hair, false eyelashes, etc.

1 pm – I’m generally ready for the “floor”, there is a doorbell that rings through the house when clients walk in to greet us. We all lineup and introduce ourselves. The client picks one (or two or three ;]) ladies and we take him on a tour, talk to him about his desires, negotiate a price, and book an appointment.

So from 1 PM – 4 AM I’m going to lineups, hanging out with clients, taking a nap, hanging out with my coworkers, eating lunch/dinner, etc.

4 AM – Bed time!

That’s a long ass shift… how dtf are you at 3am?

Coffee! And throwing money at me makes me DTF 24/7/364 (I’ll never work Halloween. Halloween is for shenanigans!)

Sounds like you don’t have a lot of time to yourself on work days. How many days a week do you work?

I currently work 5-7. I can work as much as I like, minimum of 5 days.

How many clients is a typical worknight for you?

There’s no typical! Sometimes its 0, I think the most I had in a day was 7.

How often do you change the sheets and the outfits you wear?

The bedding is mine and washed weekly. We put a flat sheet over top, and I take all the pillows off the bed. The flat sheet is put into laundry after each appointment.

I do a “ho bath” – a rise/wash from the tits/pits down after each client. Sometimes I change my outfit 3-6 times a day depending on what everyone else is wearing, what’s doing well in lineup, how I feel that day (lil belly pooch or big belly pooch?)

Strictly speaking, in terms of service, which sex acts do you prefer to give? For example do you prefer having intercourse vs. giving a handjob or a blowjob?

I LOVE to give blowjobs. I love it. In order: sex, blowjobs, handjobs, playing with toys, strip tease, riding cowgirl after leg day

What’s the kinkiest experience you’ve had with a client?

98% of my clients are super vanilla, so I don’t get a lot of them!

Ex-football player comes in, declaring up and down he’s a good Christian boy, I’m giving him a handjob dressed in all satin and he wants me to make him cum on his own face… He had a bit of a belly and totally missed his face… and so thus was coined the “scoop and flick” method of cum distribution. :p

What is the one request you will not do at the ranch?

Bareback. Condoms are required by law, 100%.

There are a few others, like extreme bruising during a BDSM session, anything with needles, knifeplay, scat, etc. I’m very kink-friendly but I have limits as well.

Have you ever had to kick anyone out for doing stuff you have on a no-no list?

Yes, one man who tried to eat my pussy, which I don’t allow. He was so mad. I gave him multiple warnings.

He tried to bribe me with Ugg boots.

Why don’t you allow clients to perform oral sex on you? 

You can spread STDs through oral sex. Also, bacterial infections. I’m just not into it really.

What do you do when customers are really bad looking? How do you do it?

I’m honestly not actively repulsed by any of my clients. If I was I could decline the appointment. I have turned down clients due to hygiene concerns. We do a visual inspection before accepting money, so if there’s anything going on I can avoid that.

This client is paying to have my company. Its not about my pleasure, its about his. His attractiveness isn’t quantifiable to the level of service I’m going to provide him. Making people feel good is my job, first and foremost.

Would you say that you have a deeper ability to see past appearance as a result of this? That could be a very profound positive side effect of this type of work.

I would say so! I think you learn to look past looks as you mature. I’ve had some very attractive clients who were absolutely the worst, they feel entitled because they’ve been treated well by society. That’s not how it works here. :p

Have you ever had any female clients?

Yes, indeed! We don’t get many, as women are much less likely to purchase sexual services/engage in the sex industry as consumers than men, but we do get them 🙂 They’re not always looking for sex, they just want to be intimate or have fun.

Are the female clients generally less than average physically attractive?

Nope, had a cutie with a pixie cut from San Fran lick whipped cream off me, I swear to god I would have let her do so much more. Wet dreams about that woman. lol.

What’s the most tiring part of this kind of job?

Riding cowgirl after leg day :p

I think the questions tour groups can ask can be really tiring/dehumanizing, we’re sex workers and we’re also real people. Having incredibly personal questions like “Have you ever been raped? Is that why you’re here?” “When your looks fade and you get old, what are you going to do then?” asked on a daily basis can wear you down!

"Tour groups" do you literally mean that your brothel is a stop on a tour and that little old ladies and the like get out to look around or am I missing something?

Yep, absolutely. We’re famous from the HBO series Cathouse. Brothels are only legal in certain counties of Nevada, so its a bit of an oddity. We get old ladies on tours all the time :p They’re the best tippers! haha. We get bus tours and also just people stopping by for tshirts, etc, or a drink at the bar.

So is it encouraged/mandatory to interact with these tourists?

If we’re picked, we take them around, otherwise, no. 🙂 They’re not paying us, we don’t need to do anything.

What is the best sex you’ve had with a client?

mmm. Ted. Business man. Always dressed like he just fired someone. He smelled like expensive. Expensive what? I don’t know, just money. He fucked me like I was the girl he let go in college, he said. He was your dad that was more attractive than you and could steal your girlfriend. He couldn’t exchange contact info. I miss him. He was at the first brothel I worked at near Vegas. I’m up near Reno now and have no way to tell him where I went.

Do many virgins who are trying to have sex for the first time go to brothels or is that a myth?

Yes, we get many virgins 🙂

What’s the fastest ones finished?

Personal life: 20 seconds, tops, in my “ultra slutty, what’s an STD? lol” phase I gave a guy a BJ at a glory hole.

Professional: Minute and a half?

What’s the smallest johnson you’ve seen, and what’s the largest?

The biggest cock I ever got to see I never even got to play with. 🙁 I got to touch it with my hands, but then went to get a magnum from my girlfriend next door, and when I came back he only wanted to talk about how much he hated his kids and his wife… for 90 minutes.

The smallest was a micropenis, probably about 2 inches? I don’t have condoms for penises of that size, so we cuddled, used toys, massage, I gave him a handjob.

What’s the most insane thing a client has asked you to do?

Ask to let him fuck me bareback. Never, ever! Why would you want to do that? What if I did that for every client?

My safety, and my clients safety take priority over your orgasm. End of discussion.

Have you ever had to stop mid-sex because a client removed the condom and refused to put it back on? What happened afterwards?

I did have one very drunk college boy pull off the condom. He pushed into me once, from a position I couldn’t see. I knew immediately. Someone who’s been using condoms for so long, I know what a raw cock feels like. I instilled the fear of god in him.

He tipped me $400 as an apology.

Out of curiosity what rates do you charge?

Its written in the legislation that I cannot discuss pricing online or on the phone or by carrier pigeon, at all. Its solicitation. All the ladies are independent contractors, so we all set our own rates. Rates also fluctuate, which is why we call it “negotiation.”

We have activities for every budget, and that’s all I can legally say. I know that’s a huge question and everyone wants to know for curiosity or for planning, but I cannot publish my rates online.

Does the place you work out of have a percentage cut or rent type deal?

The house takes 50% of our fees, plus daily rent. 🙂

What’s your yearly take home? How much time off do you take each year?

I worked 13 days in July and made 9,700 before taxes. I used to work a month on and a month off and go back home to Portland. I’m now living in Nevada so I’m working 5-7 days a week.

Does your friends and family know what you do? Who are the biggest dickheads you’ve had to deal with?

I came out as a sex worker to all my family and friends. Friends were very supportive, Family not so much. I didn’t expect my mom to say “Yay! You’re a hooker! Lets have cake!” and things have gotten better in time, but its still a very stigmatized occupation.

My friends just wanted to know I was safe, happy, treated well, could turn down clients I didn’t want, etc. I have a very small friends circle. They’re all wonderful.

My little sister and I have had a bit of a falling out, she thinks I’ve changed, but any young person in their twenties is going to change. I think she might be slightly jealous of my life, not to sound like I’m full of myself.

The biggest dickheads are SWERFS. Sex work exclusionary Feminists. They tell me that I’m a piece of meat to be bought and sold, I’m perpetuating violence against children and encouraging sex trafficking. No one has ever said such horrible things to me as the people who think sex workers don’t have human rights. Tumblr is ablaze with SWERFS freaking out over Amnesty International’s choice to support decrim of sex work. If they actually listened to sex workers, they’d get a better understanding of what we need, but they’re caught up on scare tactics and faulty reports, misleading statistics.

How long do you think or plan on staying in the business?

I plan on doing this for some time. I love my job. I want to go back to school to study human sexuality, psychology, sociology, couples counseling, sexual health. I would love to have Dan Savage’s job. I’ve done radio and podcast interviews, webcast interviews, I love to talk and spread information. My dream job would be to teach people how to be better people, better lovers, etc.

Because you have sex so often and casually does it have some kind of effect on the sex you have with people youre in a relationship with? Does it ever get boring?

I was in a relationship with another sex worker, he did pron. It did take a toll on our relationship. Eventually we split, not necessarily due to the nature of our work, but issues that surrounded it. I’m not interested in dating anyone who wouldn’t call themselves a feminist. I’m not interested in dating at all right now, actually. We just got out of a 3 1/2 year relationship. I’m doing me (and all those who pay! lol)

Have you ever fallen for a client? Or wanted more from the visit?

I’ve worked in the adult industry for many years and have been able to keep work and private separate. I don’t like to mix business and personal.

I have had clients I’ve met that I would have liked to go out on a date with, but that’s very rare and I would never act on it. I can get fired if I’m found to be meeting clients outside of work.