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We want the freedom to do what we want when we want with whom we want.

But that freedom is only achieved through discipline.

If you are disciplined with your money, you will have financial freedom.

If you are disciplined with your commitments, you will have more time freedom.

If you are disciplined in the gym, you will have more freedom in every area of your life.

Discipline equals freedom.  

If you can master discipline you will be smarter, stronger, healthier, richer, and freer than any of your friends or family.

If you do not, then you will constantly be pushed around by the currents of life and you will never have the control and freedom that you desire.

But discipline doesn’t just happen overnight. There’s no supplement you can take to improve it. And there’s no shortcut to developing it. 

You have to work to become more disciplined.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be as hard as you might imagine.

Here are 17 insanely simple ways that you can become more disciplined (almost) overnight.

1. Take 100% Responsibility for Yourself and Eliminate the Word “But” From Your Vocabulary

“There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses; only results.”  ~Kenneth Blanchard

Have you ever noticed that it’s easier to fabricate excuses and come up with reasons for your failures than it is to own up to your shortcomings and accept the consequences?

Me too.

And as I sought to become more disciplined in my own life, I realized that this was the #1 thing holding me back from developing the discipline I needed to succeed in life and business.

Just think about it…

Whatever your but is… Get off of it.

No more excuses, no more reasons for failure. Just results.

The simple truth is this, there will never be an ideal time to get back in shape, launch that business, master your dating life, or achieve any of the other goals that you have set.

If you want to move forward in life and develop the discipline required to achieve your dreams, then you must start by taking complete responsibility for your life and eliminating the word “But” from your vocabulary.

Let’s take the above statements and rewrite them without the b.s. excuses.

Before you can start developing real discipline, you must first be willing to take 100% responsibility for everything in your life and everything not in your life. 

Because if you don’t, if you continue making excuses, playing small, and allowing your bullshit stories to run your life, you will never have the personal power to become more disciplined, you will never hit your goals, and you will die filled with regret. 

Now that you have fully committed to taking complete charge of your life, you can start to take action and develop the discipline you need to succeed.

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