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  • Tingle

    lol, NPR is fake news, it’s funded by the gov’t for crying out loud.

    • Bob Frapples

      I torture myself by listening to NPR daily. There is NEVER a conservative opinion. It is totally a vessel to spew liberal propaganda funded with tax dollars. It should be defunded and left to fend for itself in the free market.

      • Tingle

        Glutton for punishment I see. I used to listen to it as well, during the election there was SUCH bias.

        • Bob Frapples

          To be honest, I like hearing different opinions to mine. I just think that if you’re going to use my tax dollars to provide a “service”, it should be somewhat equal.

  • Lynda Gutierrez

    There ARE conservative opinions on NPR. I’ve heard some people shilling for trickle-down there that raised my blood pressure. And much of the programming is not political at all, unless talking about things like art, music, cooking, wine, or books are “liberal.”

    In fact, this is a very good article written by a Conservative who is an avid NPR listener.

    The problem, I think, is that NPR is a fact-based form of media — something that doesn’t really work for most Conservative political positions. You know, they have “Science Friday” at least near me. And we know that the GOP doesn’t believe in science — especially now that evangelists (their only non 1%ers) have them by the short and curlies.

    They also run pieces that give international perspectives — something that’s anathema to most conservatives, since only the American viewpoint counts.

    Are there things that you won’t agree with? Most likely. But they are presented with citations that you can research for yourself. Construct a fact-based article to refute it! Hey, you might even get it published. Or, you know, it’s just possible that you might learn something and even, heavens forfend, change your views.

    • Bob Frapples

      cunt… there are NO conservative positions on NPR. To say any different only proves that you’re a liar.

      • Lynda Gutierrez

        Oh, Bobby must be off his meds again. He’s back to his favorite naughty word.

        But for the sensible among you, who might know how to read and think more clearly than Bobby boy: The below is an excerpt but more available at the link

        “Every news outlet relies on expert commentators from think tanks to provide comments or to be interviewed. Those think tanks include organizations such as American Enterprise, The Brookings Institute, and the Heritage Foundation. A study in 2005 counted the number of commentators from conservative-leaning think tanks and the number of commentators from liberal-leaning think tanks. The tally came to 249 conservatives and 141 liberals. That means that 63.8% of the commentators from think tanks were conservatives. So, NPR clearly is not trying to prevent conservative viewpoints from reaching its audience.”

        Pew did a study and found that 52% of stories on the administration were neutral, compared to a 40% average for the media in general. 28% of stories about the administration were positive, compared to 37% for the media in general. So, NPR clearly is not trying to be the voice of the current Democrat administration.

        The one place that analysts have detected a liberal bias is in the range of stories covered – specifically, NPR covers stories that tend to be of more interest to people that describe themselves as center-left to left than center-right to right. For example, 31% of NPR’s stories are about international news – whereas for US commercial radio, 3% of the news stories are about international news.

        How NPR covers these stories does not demonstrate a bias, but the fact that they are covering them is deemed a bias, by some.

        • Bob Frapples

          Now that was a very well thought out comment where you took the high road and I actually am very impressed. But you don’t need a Pew research study to see whether NPR is biased or not, you just have to listen. There is never a pro-life opinion, there is never an opinion of someone who doesn’t agree with the current climate change agenda, there is never an opinion of someone who disagrees with the trans movement, they don’t disavow antifa as a violent extremist group, I could go on….. and on. You obviously don’t agree because you feel that they give an equal voice to Conservatives, but that is coming from someone who is clearly liberal. But as a Conservative, I can tell you that the coverage is not equal. NPR has every right to air whatever content they wish, I just believe that it shouldn’t be funded by my tax dollars. And for what it’s worth, I apologize for my language.