The Dumping Grounds

November 6, 2017 | 3 Comments » | Topics: The Dumping Grounds

This Is What Koenigsegg’s Record 278 MPH Nevada Speed Run Looked Like Behind The Wheel


The true face of suicide. An interview with a man severely disfigured after shooting himself


Girl gets into guys car thinking he’s an Uber. Dude thinks he’s picking up a hooker


The difference between 850 hp and 10,000 hp


Guy Makes A Commercial For His Girlfriend’s Used ’96 Honda, And It’s Absolutely Brilliant


British People Attempting Their Best American Accent


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  • Josh Gordon

    Yeah folks tend to put the gun under their chin and point the gun straight up which just usually blows the poor fools face off, if you do it under the chin you want to tilt the gun back towards the throat a bit after placing it under the chin.

    • MattTarango

      That’s from the past. Today’s classic form is putting the gun in the mouth. Slanted up, of course.

      • Bob Frapples

        Budd Dwyer had it down pat.