The Dumping Grounds

November 7, 2017 | 19 Comments » | Topics: The Dumping Grounds

Doug Demuro: Here’s Why the Tesla Model 3 Is the Coolest Car of 2017


Literally half of this drug commercial is of the side effect disclaimers


How Mozzarella Is Made


Drew Thomas – Buying Weed from White People


The Hateful 8 – I Killed Your Boy


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  • odot

    thank you 6’3″ fellas for taking that midget demon off our hands. hope your lower back doesn’t hurt too much when you have to pivot a good swing for when you have to slap her with some senses

    • Lynda Gutierrez

      odot, no. She’s a shallow twit with, apparently the IQ of a dead starfish. But domestic abuse isn’t funny. Don’t like your girlfriend? Dump her. Slap her with some “senses” isn’t funny, cool, or, for that matter, grammatical.

      • GunsOfNavarone

        You’ve taken that comment a bit too literal. It’s a euphemism for ‘knocking some sense’ into someone. You sound a little too sensitive.

        • Lynda Gutierrez

          Guns, no, as a matter of fact “pivot a good swing for when you have to slap her with some senses” is not a euphemism for anything but a threat of physical violence — nor is it a common phrase. Even the actual euphemism “knock some sense into someone” is qualified by the note that it implies the need for or use of physical violence. I know threats of force are considered “manly” but speaking as part of the female half of the world, it’s as funny as cancer. Just a word to the wise.

          • GunsOfNavarone

            As you seem to have taken the mantle of advocate for the female species and are seemingly defending the charming young lady in the pic, does that mean you agree with ‘fat shaming’? ~as I see you’ve mentioned nothing about it. I mean you could argue that of course she doesn’t mean it, she just means that she’d like someone healthy, but then you’d be a hypocrite wouldn’t you? This is the issue with sticking your neck out on the internet. People, both men and women use expressions and that have little weight behind them, not just men like you seem to be suggesting – which would be sexist. But my guess is that you’ve been a victim of violence at some point in your life and now stereotype every single male in existence. Finally, it’s quite ironic isn’t it that you should slam violence against women and then rather crassly use an expression in which you compare it to ‘being funny as cancer’. “It’s not funny” would have sufficed, unless of course you’re full of shit.

            • Lynda Gutierrez

              No, if you’ll notice, I criticized the girl as shallow and stupid. Nice try trying to move the goalposts though.

              And, no, I’ve never been a victim myself, but since male violence against women is a worldwide problem, and women are exponentially-more-likely to be murdered by their husband/lover/boyfriend than by anyone else, I don’t think jokes that advocate violence are funny any more than I think lynching jokes would be funny to anyone aware of the history and hate behind them.

              And since no individual has malevolently, intentionally given anyone cancer, and is intended to be an example just how not-funny domestic violence is, not some sort of sick joke, it’s in no way the same.

              • GunsOfNavarone

                You’ve called her shallow, which would suggest materialistic, ‘beauty is only skin deep’. But you’ve said nothing about ‘fat shaming’ which is ridiculing someone’s weight, nice try digging your way out of that though, because if a guy had mentioned it, you’d have gone crazy from the sounds of things.

                But just read back your second paragraph slowly paying close attention to words such as ‘exponentially’, ‘murdered’, ‘advocating violence’ and then take a look at how much your comment has spiraled from nothing. Are you familar with the expression ‘making a mountain out of a mole hill’?

                I suggest you go back to your safe space, wherever that may be because clearly spending your time on the internet isn’t the best thing for you. The hypocrisy and justification you use for the absurd amount of shit you’re coming out with is simply astonishing.

                • Lynda Gutierrez

                  No, not making a mountain out of a molehill — it’s calling people out on “jokes” that minimize a threat of violence. It’s not important to you because you are not a likely victim of it — that doesn’t mean it’s not important or meaningful to other people who, statistically, are. It’s like men who tell rape jokes. And, worse, think they are funny and harmless.

                  • GunsOfNavarone

                    So you’re a victim, like I originally suggested. Well it’s time to lighten up and realize that not all men are against you, and not all expressions are taken in their literal form, as you should well know using cancer in one of yours.

                    • Lynda Gutierrez

                      No, I’ve never been a victim. But I know that, as a woman, I am statistically likely to be at some point. As is my daughter. And if you cannot tell the difference between the two statements — one making light of abuse, and one showing the seriousness of abuse by relating it to one of the most-serious bad things in the world, then there’s no hope of your ever grasping the concept.

                    • GunsOfNavarone

                      ‘Statistically likely to be at some point’… Lynda, you’re paranoid and also highly sexist. So on that note, I really have better things to do than converse with you any longer.

        • Bill Sherman

          Lynda, your at the caveman circus. nothing but cavemen here.

      • Pauly Incorrect

        I sincerely hope your sense of humor is not a reflection of your performance in the sack.

        • Lynda Gutierrez

          Pauly, you’d certainly never find out — my standards are much higher than someone like you. (But how desperately horny and lonely are you that you’d speculate about someone’s sex life in a comment that has nothing to do with sex? Or is it the threat of violence that does it for you?) And , BTW, “humor” has to be funny. I think that’s the bit you missed.

          • Pauly Incorrect

            Thank you for affirming my suspicions. You’re a dead fish in bed. You’ve had at least one partner commit suicide, haven’t you?

            • Lynda Gutierrez

              Absolutely not. And having high standards just means you wouldn’t qualify, not that I’m not worth it.

              • Pauly Incorrect

                You not being worth it is an understatement. I’d put a bullet in my own head rather than spend three minutes alone with you and your rambling diatribes of someone or another getting insulted somewhere in the universe over every single little thing people write on men’s humor website chat forums.

                P.S. I’m going to go on a limb and guess that you’re single…

    • Josh Gordon

      Hahaha midget demon, thats awesome Im totally stealing that.

  • You lost, and you still can’t deal with it. Trump Won! Deal with that!