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What Goes On In The Mind Of A Sadist?

I’m a sadist. And not a whips and handcuffs s/m dominatrix (i actually find that really boring and pathetic). I am exited by genuine, mortal agony, I have compulsions to hurt people every single day sense before I can remember. It’s like a drug, it’s better than drugs.

I close my eyes and all I see is choking up blood and busted lungs and splintering bones and it just feels so good. I’ve been this way since before I can remember(the first time I can remember it I was four), and nothing I do seems to change it. I’m 23 years old and have never had a sexual partner. I’m friendly and outgoing to everyone, have tons of friends, a 3.9 GPA and every night I fall asleep to fantasies about murder. Nobody knows, not a single soul. It gets really lonely.

I control myself because i have to, but when i’m walking down the street my mind just goes wild, splitting skulls, knife wounds, blood and pain is all that fills my head.

I’m afraid to go to therapy because I don’t want to be labeled as a threat (also i can’t afford it). But that’s a lie, I am a threat, because when I lose my temper (very rarely) I completely lose control. all of my carefully erected psychological architecture comes crashing down and all i want is to inflict pain. I’ve killed animals, when I was younger, i’m ashamed to say I enjoyed it.

I decided when I was very young that if it ever came down to a choice between my life and someone else’s I would take my own. i’m not suicidal, I’m not really angry or depressed as some people suggest. I’m usually pretty happy, except the inside of my head is an abattoir.

I’m not a sociopath, I feel everything, some dislocated sense of empathy keeps me in check, at the same time my emotions are slowly killing me, because I know what I am and I know that I can’t stop.




Why are European and South American soccer teams so much better than the USMNT and what are the most important elements of success lacking in the US Team?

The European and South American soccer teams are better than the USMNT for 3 reasons:

1. Diversity (or lack thereof): You can also call this fact the limiting pool of players available to the USMNT. Imagine you are a baby boy born in say, Argentina or the Netherlands and your parents are going to give you a gift. If it’s going to be a sporting gift, 99% of the time you are going to get a soccer ball. If you are a baby boy born in America chances are you are going to get a basketball, a football, a baseball or even a hockey stick and a puck before you get a soccer ball (these days you might even get whatever they use to play lacrosse before you get a soccer ball). The diversity in America makes it very difficult or almost impossible to recruit the best athletes for soccer. I’m sure America has tons of great athletes that, with proper instruction, could be equal or better than Drogba, Sterling, Ronaldo, Robben, etc. I’m equally sure there is an American kid right now that could be a big soccer start in Europe in 2105 , maybe not at the same level as Messi or Ronaldo but right below them but guess what? He has never touched a soccer ball in his life! He’s playing wide receiver in the NFL or is an outfielder in MLB or is a winger in the NHL. Not much you can do around this other that give it time: the soccer culture is starting to take hold in America and I can see it more and more when I travel. I’ve been here for 20 years as an expat and when I arrived in America I would be the only one in say, an airport with an Arsenal shirt or a Maradona shirt. These days I literally cannot go through an airport and not run into kids that are wearing Barca shirts, Messi shirts, Manchester United shirts, Brazil shirts and so on. It’s happening, you just need to give it time. As more kids play soccer the USMNT pool of players will get better. Right now it has to go outside its borders to find players as Klinsmann has done with so many German Americans (Jermaine Jones, John Brooks, etc.) and Mexican Americans (Ventura Alvarado, Michael Orozco, etc.)

2. Creativity: This one is totally an education issue or, in this case, over education and is totally in US Soccer hands to fix. If you are a boy growing up in South America, Europe or Mexico you just go play on the street or the park and there is where you can run wild, try to do crazy things with the ball and do it over and over. It is all unsupervised from the coaching point of view; it’s just kids playing soccer.  America takes the opposite approach: everything is scripted. Leagues like AYSO are great for introducing kids to soccer but they are so heavy on instructions and drills that the kids’ creativity has no place to develop. American soccer needs to get away from being so rigid on formal training. I can guarantee you Ronaldinho did not come up with his awesome tricks (a small sample below) during drills or conditioning. He came up with them just playing with his buddies on the street.  America should encourage that and it is not doing it enough of it. American soccer players will never be outrun (they have great conditioning, not a problem there) but they are not creative. The USMNT needs a maestro like Ronaldinho or Xavi who is creative. Michael Bradley is probably the best we have right now and, as good as he is, he’s not a maestro or an orchestrator; he’s a defensive midfielder trying to be one and Klinsmann knows this. If Jurgen had a choice he would not have deployed Bradley as a creator, he just does not have enough creative players to have an alternative.

3. Coaching: Most coaches in South America and Europe (not only at the pro level but pretty much every level below it) have spent their whole life either playing or coaching soccer. The elite ones have gone abroad to study and learn from the best soccer academies of the world. Tell me how many American coaches have had a similar life, not many. Who’s the best American coach right now? Most people would not disagree that Bruce Arena is the one or one of the top ones and he has never coached outside the United States. He and his brethren should have had experiences at Manchester United, Real Madrid, Ajax and so on. If you want to improve you have to learn from the best and it starts with the coaches. I don’t see it happening right now but I hope I’m wrong. The other alternative is you bring coaches from abroad which is why Jurgen Klinsmann is the national team coach. I highly doubt there is an American coach as qualified as him.

Icaro Vazquez




How do you become a male pornstar?

Serious answer? Apply. They’re looking for guys who have above average dicks(we’re talking 8-9″ min). Can get hard very quickly with little to no real stimulation. And you should be able to cum on command. You shouldn’t have a problem with doing some things that might seem gay to most men. Rubbing you’re balls on another man’s balls while DPing an actress is a pretty common thing. You have to have a professional portfolio. Modeling pics, maybe some experience, even if it’s amateur.

If you get as far as an interview, you will walk into a room with an older dude. He will tell you to pull out your dick. You have 30 seconds to get hard. There may or may not be an actress there. She may or may not help you. As in, she’ll allow you to look at her boobs (if you’re a good looking dude she might even let you touch her. Nothing below the waist). You will be asked to masturbate for around 10-15 min, again… With no visual stimulation or anything. The director will tell you to cum. You have a minute, tops, to blow your load. You will be given 15 min to reset and then you must get erect again and be able to maintain an erection for another 10 minutes or so and then you will be asked to cum again. 30 seconds, they get very uninterested if you have trouble controlling your climax. If you get through all that and perform well enough. They may offer you a job.

You’ll being doing very little at first, but they’ll offer you a contract that will consist of several scenes that you have to film but may never be used. I’m explaining this from a friend who was offered a job with BangBros in Miami. They offered him 35k for the year. Not sure how much “work” he did. Or if any of it got past editing. I lost contact with him once he moved down there. I’ll tell you this, he was bi-sexual which I believe helped him get the job. He also had a professionally done modeling portfolio to begin with and some semi amateur videos.

While filming a shoot, you are expected to stay erect while they change camera angels, chit chat about what the director wants, reapply the female actress’s make up, fuck around with lighting, etc. You’ve got you be able to fuck in very odd positions. For example, leg up doggy style, sideways shot from behind. Keep in mind they’re looking for good shots of the woman and you’re just a dick. Move your leg this way, it’ll seem very awkward and uncomfortable. But it’s about what the camera sees and how it feels to you. There’s also about 12 people behind the camera during each scene, so no being modest. Try to look like you’re really turned on with the girl even though you’re thinking in your head about you’re about whatever stops you from cumming. If you blow too soon, scene is over and you’ve wasted time and money. Get it going again quickly and you can redeem yourself. Being able to control your nut is probably the most important skill you can have. Get hard on demand, cum on demand, learn to aim your nut with a snipers precision. And be quick about being able to nut again. The director will want multiple money shots so he can choose the best one. Know to keep your fucking hands and legs out of the fucking way, but still make it seem natural.

You also need to be fit. If you can’t toss the girl around with ease you’re going to have trouble. Some of the girls are easy and tiny, but others are “voluptuous” and weight close to a buck 50. Anyways… This is about as much as i can tell you. Again, you gotta be cool with some gay shit. If you’re double teaming a girl and your dicks are touching while they’re in her mouth that’s something that you gotta stay hard through. If a guy blows a load and it gets on your leg or something, don’t freak out. No one wants to reshoot if they don’t have to. Remember, time is money. They’re not in the business to lose money. It is possible you might have to suck a dick. It’s all about seeing how comfortable you are with sex. It helps to be bi, or even gay, since you’re going to be fucking a girl for upwards of an hour and you can’t be fighting your nut the entire time. Anyways… This is what I learned from a friend who got a year long contact with Bang Bros. I would imagine Brazzers and all that other shit isn’t much difference. It’s easy to get into as a girl, it’s extremely difficult to get into as a guy.


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