Confessions Of An Adult Baby

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Can you explain a bit more about what an “Adult Baby” is?

This is a complicated question which means a lot of different thing to different people. The basic definition is an adult who enjoys infantile things. I myself love to get in my sleeper or onesie and let my mind just flow away. It’s super relaxing to do.

So do you poop in a diaper? Who cleans up the mess? Is it a sexual thing?

I do not, because I do not like the smell or the cleanup afterward. It is not sexual. I do not get aroused by the idea or the trappings. In fact, it has the opposite effect. When I’m in that mind frame, sex is far from my mind. I really just want to be held or hug a plushie and have someone tell me they love me. It’s a comfort and protection thing.

How much do you get into the being a baby? Are you allowed to talk?

I talk, though my partner often complains he cannot understand me. I have a habit of trying to talk when I still have my Pacifier in my mouth. I still like adult things. I watch normal tv and movies, but sometimes I get really baby like and color and watch Disney movies. Few of the AB’s I know are really infants at heart. The play age tends to be more around 2 – 3 years old, in the toddler stage.

What exactly is it that you like about being an Adult Baby?

I find it relaxing and comforting. Being small and being held by my partner is the most relaxing experience I have ever had. All the cares wash away, you are there, loved and safe. As a toddler, you have no worries, no cares. You world is love and play.

Wouldn’t just lounging in sweats and watching T.V. be just as relaxing?

What you like is hard to quantify. If you delve deep enough, the answer becomes simply “Because I do” For example, I love scotch. Why? Because it tastes like wood. Why is this good? I like that flavor, why? Who knows, I simply do.

It is kind of hard to compare what you do to enjoying scotch though. A lot of people like scotch, not many people are adult babies. Do you think you were happier when you were a child, and did not know as much about the harsher aspects of life?

That’s alot of it. Being a child was an innocent time. I long for that innocence. Not knowing the truths about the world and how harsh it is. I may not have been happier as a child, but I do think I was happy more often. The simplest things would make me happy too. I could play with one toy for hours and it would be a million different things in those hours. Now I am much harder to entertain.

How often would say that you are in the roll of being an AB

Probably 6 out of 7 evenings

Do your friends/family know? Is it something you would bring up in casual conversation? If directly asked?

Yes. All of our closest friends know and support our relationship. Some of them even join in because they know it makes me happy. 

If directly asked It would depend on the context. I realize that some people can take it the wrong way and if it would affect my job or my family, I would probably not tell people. But with close friends who I know I can trust, I don’t bring it up unless asked about it. I also don’t tell people I am gay until asked, simply because I don’t think it’s relevant.

What are their thoughts on this?

My close friends either think it’s cute, or treat it with a “You’re our friend, and though we don’t understand, if it makes you happy” Attitude. Some don’t, but I don’t see the need to wear it on my sleeve. If the asked I most likely would not deny it.

How do you find people who are willing to entertain this fetish? Is there some sort of club or society for it? are there people who specifically want to “parent” the babies as well, or are they hard to come by?

There are communites. The easiest place to find them is on the internet. There are those who simply with to parent AB’s or babysit them. There are also extended families that develop out of this. I myself have a big brother (an adult baby who is comfortable also taking care) and an uncle (a non AB who likes taking care of AB’s) My partner is also my Daddy. Parental types are harder to come by, but there are those who think we are cute and want to help us.

Was it hard to find a caretaker? How to you broach the subject? Are you two in a sexual relationship as well?

We met outside of the AB (adult baby) community. After we had gone out on a few dates I told him about my ABness. He decided he would see where it went and now is happily my daddy. I am not always an AB around him, and yes, we do have a sexual relationship that is outside of daddy/kid time.

How many babysitters or adults wanting to do this sort of stuff have you been through?

A few. Maybe 10 until i found my partner

Was this something your partner had tried before or did you introduce it to him?

I introduced him to it.

Does your relationship extend outside of the home? I mean do you ask him to do things or pout to him in comfortable social situations?

When we are in comfortable social situations I regress sometimes.

Do you let your partner know before going into “baby mode” or do you just do it?

He knows, cause when I want to do it, he’s the one that diapers me up. Or he comes home and I’m already “Padded” and he deduces that I’m in baby mode. This usually results in a pounce and a cuddle 🙂

Do you ever go into public as a baby?

That depends on how you define going into public as a baby. Do I walk around and act like a 3 yr old in public, no. Do I take off my overalls and cute shirt and shoes when I need to go out. No, I do not do that either. I like to think that I am a healthy mix of both. Sometimes I do even use my pacifier when I am out and about. Mostly because it makes me happy, harms no one, and i’ll probably never see the people who see me again.

What’s the weirdest reaction you’ve gotten from someone when in public?

People have assumed that I am mentally challenged, or pointed and laughed. That’s probably the worst. Unless I am actively sucking on a paci or cuddling a plushie, people tend not to notice. The Human brain has an incredible ability to ignore that which it finds odd.

When you were a child, did you also want to babied, or did the desires start after puberty?

As far back as I can remember, I wanted to remain a toddler. I can remember biking to the grocery store when my parents weren’t around, to purchase a pacifier or baby bottle to use. 

Did you have any trouble in youth (lack of usual childhood/bad parenting/ etc.) that may have lead to you enjoying being an adult baby?

My childhood was pleasant. I grew up in an upper-middle class family and had one sibling, an older brother. I have no regrets about what occurred in my childhood.

Were your parents over protective?

My mother was somewhat extra protective. She still is. The other day I burned by finger and she insisted I went to the hospital. I just drained the wound and bandaged it myself. I often think her overprotectiveness drove me to be more self sufficient. At least medically.

How’s your relationship with your mother?

We are fine. I speak to both of my parents on a weekly basis over the phone (I live 1000mi away) and visit at least once a year on the holidays. 

Do you have some sort of abandonment issue that makes being an AB feel safe?

Not sure how to answer this one. I don’t think I have any abandoment issues. I lived alone for several years with no trouble.

Do you have a job?

Indeed I do. I work for a retail establishment and have for at least a year now. Before that I was in school pursuing a degree.

Babies R Us?

No. A job there would actually be quite upsetting for me. I don’t like real children. Crying and screaming gets on my nerves quickly. Beyond that working in a store full of things I want that are all too small for me would be really annoying.

You’ve indicated AB has no sexual overtones to it, but, what about breastfeeding, which itself isn’t necessarily sexual for an adult in your situation. If a woman caretaker offered to nurse you, would this appeal?

For me no. Breastfeeding is an infant thing, I think of myself more as a toddler. I use sippycups and not bottles.

Do you have a favorite stuffed animal? Also, is there some sort of routine/schedule you follow as an AB or when you decide “I’m going into baby mode” you just randomly put on baby things and do whatever comes to mind?

I do. I have a stuffed snow leopard (not the one in the picture, that one eventually fell apart from too many snuggles) that was given to me by my AB big bro. His name is Harper, named after RSM Patrick Harper from the Sharpe series of novels. No, I do not have a schedule I follow. When I feel the desire to be little, I get kitted up and have fun 🙂

Are you perfectly content being an Adult Baby, or do you wish that you were still a real baby/toddler, and this is as close as you can get?

I am content being an adult baby as there are several things that I do like to do that a real toddler could not. The only reason I would want to be an actual toddler, is that clothing and accoutrements would be much easier to acquire.

What misconceptions do you wish to dispel? 

I suppose I wanted people to realize that it’s not just a sexual fetish. Whenever I would say that I was, often people would assume it was about sex. That does happen, sure, but not everyone feels the same way.

Do you plan to continue being an AB throughout life?

Yes, I see no reason to stop.

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