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How Conjoined Twins Are Making Scientists Question the Concept of Self – The Walrus

If you ever visit Japan, you need to take the Mario Kart Tour of Tokyo! – Thrillist

15,000 scientists From 184 Countries give catastrophic warning about the fate of the world in new ‘letter to humanity’ – Motherboard

The Most Punishing Video Games of All Time – Ranker

This Incredible Video Shows CRISPR Slicing A Strand Of DNA In Two – Digg

What Consumers Are Quickly Learning About Paying Off Their Debt:- Weekly Financials

How To Get Rich Playing Video Games Online – New Yorker

Amazon is turning The Lord of the Rings into a TV show – The Verge

Hot Instagram Pictures Of Anastasia Kvitko – Lurk And Perv

Right and left always excuse the worst behavior in politicians so long as he’s “their guy” – Rare

Former WWE World Champion officially making the transition from wrestling to MMA – Fan Buzz

Demi Lovato showing off some nice braless cleavage – Drunken Stepfather

More magnificent sidebewbs – Leenks

This mouth-watering Instagram is dedicated to real-life re-creations of food from Miyazaki movies – Dangerous Minds

These $8 Panasaonic earbuds are shockingly good! – Amazon

The First 911 Restored By Singer With A 500 HP Williams Engine Looks Phenomenal – Jalopnik

The New Firefox Is Out: 2x Faster and 30% Less Memory – Mozilla

Every successful relationship is successful for the same exact reasons – Quartz

Top 10 Terrifying Civilizations – Listverse

Emma Watson at her finest – Popoholic

How to Sign Documents on Whatever Device You’ve Got – Life Hacker

Hot Girls with Tattoos – All The Girls Mama Warned You About (46 Photos) – Radass

John Travolta: Sexual battery case involving 21-year-old male masseur surfaces – Mercury

Ashley Tisdale, Taylor Swift and Other Random Hotties – G-Celeb

Leave the Past in the Past: What Matters Most Is Who You Are Now – Tiny Buddha

7 examples of what elite athletes eat in a day – Grumpy Sloth

Russia tried to use computer game footage to prove that the U.S. is helping ISIS – Newsweek

Alexis Ren Is The Biggest Tease – Hollywood Tuna

First Black Friday shopper claims his spot in line – KGNS

The Daily Struggles of Living With a Cat – Sad And Useless

Absurdly bad relationship advice from Cosmo mag – Runt Of The Web

12 More Fraternity Brothers Charged in Penn State Hazing Death After FBI Recovers Deleted Footage From Their Supposedly "Inoperable" Security Camera – Time

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  • Josh Gordon

    “Even their religion was about war, and they believed that when you died
    in battle you fought, once again, in a never ending battle.”

    Well the Vikings didnt believe in eternity, eventually in Norse Mythology everything even the afterlife would come to an end. Interesting fact, you didnt just have to fight you could fuck and drink to your hearts content as well, what a lovely place.

  • Why did you take off Tumblr


  • i get massages