Meet the Transgender Woman Who Now Identifies as a Transracial Filipina

November 16, 2017 | 18 Comments » | Topics: WTF

A man who was born white says he considers himself a Filipino.

Ja Du, whose birth name is Adam, identifies as ‘transracial’, meaning he feels he is a different ethnicity than the one assigned to him. He told news station WTSP that he feels most comfortable when surrounded by Filipino culture, which he grew up enjoying.

“Whenever I’m around the music, around the food, I feel like I’m in my own skin,” he says. “I’d watch the History Channel, sometimes for hours… nothing else intrigued me more, but things about Filipino culture.”

The resident of Tampa, Florida, drives a Tuk Tuk – a vehicle used for public transit in the Philippines and other parts of Asia. Ja Du hasn’t yet told his family about his ethnic identity, because he fears they’ll laugh at him.

The term ‘transracial’ entered public discourse after the notorious case of Rachel Dolezal. The president of a chapter of the NAACP, Ms Dolezal was a highly respected civil rights activist, who was ‘outed’ as white during a now-infamous TV interview.

She has since claimed to identify as ‘trans-black’ and has published a memoir titled In Full Colour.

Ja Du, who is also transgender and contemplating a physical transition, told WTSP that he doesn’t wish to offend anyone with his racial identity.

“I don’t want that,” he says. “I think that we all have the freedoms to pursue happiness in our own ways.”


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  • JN

    Who would laugh at him. I would hahahhaha

    • Josh Gordon

      I am laughing, wheres the popcorn this whackjob is entertaining.

  • the man from amsterdam

    i wouldnt laugh at these people. but i am highly sceptical about this whole “transracial” thing. if this is a thing, then why did racel dolezal (or whatever her name is) get in trouble ?

  • Lynda Gutierrez

    I think the bigger point is that we need to stop giving people who claim bizarre things their 15 minutes of fame. If this person wants to live their live as a different ethnicity, have at it. Why should anyone else care?

    There are people who live their lives as if they live in another era (and, yes, they get articles and interviews too) — why do we care so much about what people do or say? I mean, there are also people who live as dogs, and goats, and adult babies — WHY do we have to keep writing about them? I have to think its a reflection of today’s voracious consumption of content because of the internet.

    People take umbrage at seeing things they’ve seen before and are constantly hungering for something new. Focusing on our most-fringe people provides the novelty.

    Lastly, just because someone claims they ARE something doesn’t mean we have to debate it — or even talk about it. If it’s not hurting anyone else, we can just shrug and move on.

    • Pauly Incorrect

      Or we could kick them in the throat because we can’t stand looking at them and they deserve it.

      • Lynda Gutierrez

        Why the first instinct to commit violence? Maybe they’re mentally ill, or they’re attention-seekers, or they just like being who they feel they are? Who cares? They’re not hurting anyone. Why the drive to hurt them?

        • Pauly Incorrect

          Natural selection. Only the strongest (mentally and physically), deserve to survive and procreate.

          • Lynda Gutierrez

            Bullshit. The most ADAPTABLE survive and procreate.

            • Pauly Incorrect

              Same shit.

              • Lynda Gutierrez

                Not the same as all. You can be as big and strong as you like but if you’re not adaptable, you get left behind.

      • Josh Gordon

        How about a punch to the throat? Im positive I cant kick that high.

  • Van_Ram_32

    Back in a more sane time this mentally ill idiot would be bullied into silence, or, hopefully, suicide.

    Now we have the media carrying him on their shoulders.

    • Lynda Gutierrez

      So you’re for bullying the mentally ill and driving them to suicide? You do realize that makes you mentally ill in that you lack compassion . . . so by your rules . . . how do you plan to off yourself and have you set a date yet?

      • Van_Ram_32

        Bullying is a white male thing. A Mexican bitch won’t understand

        • Lynda Gutierrez

          Who’s Mexican? LOL, if you’re talking about me, I’m whiter than Wonder Bread. My ancestors founded most of the oldest towns in New England and several were on the Mayflower! My husband’s family is from Spain, having spent a generation as the upper crust in Cuba.

          Wow, are you always such an ignorant buffoon?

  • Dead Mule

    If I was the guy’s therapist the 1st thing I would want to know is what is it about the way he was born that has him on the run from that identity.

  • Bob Frapples

    “Lastly, just because someone claims they ARE something doesn’t mean we have to debate it — or even talk about it. If it’s not hurting anyone else, we can just shrug and move on.”
    When those people demand that we accept them, THAT’S when we have a problem.

  • Lewis

    The people claiming all that ’embrace yourself, you’re beautiful the way you are’ nonsense are the sames rearded douchebags that are happy & proud of this kind of bullshit go.