A Few Photos To Remind You That Life Is Beautiful

November 17, 2017 | 14 Comments » | Topics: Life

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  • Josh Gordon
    • Lynda Gutierrez

      Kind of sad, don’t you think? A symbol of fear and violence as opposed to the anecdote, which is a symbol of innocent belief and caring love.

      • Josh Gordon

        How is a gun a symbol of fear and violence? Its not the gun its the person behind the gun. Ive seen people get shot Ive witnessed a murder of a teenager in a drive by shooting, and Ive seen my buddy get shot in the arm. One of my neighbors wasnt even 20 feet behind the kid when he got shot, poor dude didnt stand a chance dead before the first cop even got there. Yeah I aint relaying on the police man whos 5-10 minutes away to save my life no thank you. And no I dont think its sad, what good is my ruger SR45 going to do me in my gun safe when Im out at walmart or wherever?

        I hope I never have to use it but if a situation arises in which lethal force is necessary to save myself or that of another person Ill be dam glad I had it on my person.

        • Lynda Gutierrez

          So, you’re saying that you carry a gun because you were affected by the sight of people being shot. And that you’re essentially too afraid to go to Walmart without being armed. Sorry, that sounds like fear to me.

          And it’s topped with a heaping helping of delusion. In reality, if you were armed when those two shootings you describe happened, you know that it’s highly unlikely that you could take down the shooter or even do anything useful at all (every gun owner seems to secretly think they are Rambo or some kind of John Wayne cowboys character — but those characters are fictional and reality works different in real life than in film.)

          The fact is that people who own guns are exponentially more-likely to kill themselves, a friend, or a family member — by accident or in anger — than to ever stop or prevent a crime.

          If you REALLY live in some sort of war zone where you need to be armed to go buy underwear at Walmart, maybe you should consider, I don’t know, MOVING? It would make a lot more sense and be a hell of a lot safer.

          • naruwu

            Thank you so much for trying to succinctly and calmly present a much-needed dose of reality to @joshgordon. +1 for every point you made!

            • Lynda Gutierrez

              Thank you so much naruwu — I appreciate it.

          • Bob Frapples

            Wow, you are, to the bone, a cunt. To think that life is so fucking easy for someone that to escape a “war zone” is to just move. Such a typical, liberal cunt. Ever just think of NOT posting and taking care of your bastard kids? Nah, that’s my tax dollars jobs. Thank god Josh doesn’t rely on my tax dollars to fund his life like you do. fucking cunt.

            • Lynda Gutierrez

              Gee, is your Tourettes kicking up again? Cunt, cunt, cuntity cunt. Maybe reading it will help you stop. Or take some meds, it might help.

              And your ignorance again! Why would you think my kids are bastards or that I’ve ever taken (or needed) a dollar in government aid? Oh yeah — you’re ignorant. And, yeah, I think moving is probably an option. It won’t be easy but it’s better than being so pants-pissing afraid every second of your life that you need to be armed to go buy milk.

              • Bob Frapples

                Fucking liar. Not even a good one. Typical liberal cunt.

          • Josh Gordon

            So because I carry a heavy duty fire extingusher, 10 old school flares 5 rechargeable flares, and a serious medical kit its because Im scared of seeing a car crash? Theres a difference in being prepared and being scared you know.

            “, you know that it’s highly unlikely that you could take down the shooter or even do anything useful at all”

            Okay tell me where I mention the fact I said I could have stopped those shootings? Pst I dont. DONT put words in my mouth, that pisses me off your making assumptions about who I am based on the fact I own and legally conceal carry a firearm something millions of American citizens do DONT DO THAT!

            “The fact is that people who own guns are exponentially more-likely to
            kill themselves, a friend, or a family member — by accident or in anger
            — than to ever stop or prevent a crime.”

            Source please. On average every year in America firearms are used a million times to defend someones live or that of another, and in around 90% of those cases just the presence of a firearm was enough to deter the criminal.

            Ohio, a man walked into a liquor store and started shooting up the place. A citizen drew his gun and exchanged fire chasing the criminal out of the store, he shot and killed the clerk. Minutes after he got into a shoot out with police and claimed his own life. Police discovered both of his parents were murdered that same day shortly before the liquor store shooting. The police chief commend the mans actions and said if not for him more people would have been killed. That story DID NOT make the national news, it made the local news thats it.

            ” I don’t know, MOVING?”

            I huh I did. Again why are you making assumptions about me, you dont even know me! And is that what you say to the millions of Americans who live in crime ridden inner city neighborhoods who live on government assistance and live paycheck to paycheck, just move stupid duh. God you just dont even think before you speak do you?

          • Josh Gordon

            Oh and I just want to add, I have stopped a man from shooting and killing another man. That was before I conceal carried, took the shooter down using my fucking hands, I didnt even think I saw a man trying to murder another man and I just acted in a split second no regards for my personal safety. Now if something similar happened one day when your out and about, do you know how you’ll act? Will you place your own life on the line to try and save a total stranger? Im the last one walking around scared thank you very much.

            • Lynda Gutierrez

              See, you didn’t need a gun! It’s just a security blanket after all. And, hell yeah, I’d help someone in trouble.

  • Renay Windswept

    Sad when you can’t have a conversation without calling people filthy names would you call your mother that,try thinking first then replying intelligently