Woman Who Identifies As “Transabled” Wants Surgery To to Sever Her Spine And Make Her A Paraplegic

November 21, 2017 | 20 Comments » | Topics: WTF

Chloe Jennings-White of Utah says that she’s known from a very young age that she is supposed to be disabled, even though she has always been perfectly healthy.

“I think it was about 4 years old that I first consciously knew that my legs are not supposed to work. I’m not supposed to be able to walk,” Jennings-White told ABC 4 in Utah.

Jennings-White is 58-years-old and has degrees from both Cambridge and Stanford Universities. She’s an accomplished research scientist and is happily married. So why the desire to be permanently disabled?

Jennings-White suffers from a rare psychological disorder called body integrity identity disorder, or BIID. People with BIID feel that their physical characteristics do not match the idea of how they are supposed to look. The condition is not dissimilar from gender identity disorder, which occurs when people feel that their physical sex does not correspond with the gender they identify with. In the case of BIID, most patients desire to have a specific body part amputated so that their bodies can match how they feel on the inside.

While no one knows the exact cause of BIID, some speculate that the disorder has its roots in sexuality. Perhaps the idea of being an amputee sexually arouses individuals with the disorder. Others believe that early childhood is to blame for the condition. Maybe a child saw an amputee getting a lot of attention and thought that being disabled would get them more love from the people around them.

Jennings-White’s therapist, Dr. Mark Malan, says the latter may be true in her case. The scientist had an aunt when she was younger who wore a leg brace. She was extremely close to that aunt and, maybe, began to idealize her condition. But no matter the cause, Malan maintains, Jennings-White suffers from a serious mental health condition that should not be taken lightly.

Jennings-White says she looks forward to the day when her perfectly healthy legs are permanently paralyzed. She has found a doctor overseas who could paralyze her left leg, but does not have the money for the procedure.

“When I’m in the wheelchair I’m not even thinking about the wheelchair. It’s just normal for me, but anytime I’m walking it’s always in my mind, sometimes dominating my mind, that this is not the way it’s supposed to be,”

After her diagnosis of BIID in 2008, her doctor recommended that she use a wheelchair to address her psychological needs. She now lives as a paraplegic at home, with her wife, Danielle, agreeing to do the majority of the housework for her.

She currently seeks a $24,000 surgery that would sever her sciatic and femoral nerves and would render her legs completely useless. She is now involved in BIID support group transabled.org.



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  • the man from amsterdam

    if she wants to do that, go ahead. i have no problem with it.
    but some way, somehow, tax payers money might be spent on it.

    • Nakka

      A LOT of taxpayer money. Which is another in a large list of reasons why she shouldn’t be allowed to do it. What a sad, depressing case. It reminds me of the man who put porn-site advertisement tattoos on his face in trade for money. Also, what Pauly said.

      • the man from amsterdam

        i dont really see any other reasons other than taxpayer money. if she genuinely wants to cripple herself permanently, go ahead. she aint hurting me.

        • Bob Frapples

          You’re opinion doesn’t mean shit. You live in a different country.

  • Pauly Incorrect

    We need to stop paying attention to these people. They’ll go away.

  • hawgowar

    There was another woman who identified as blind so she had someone drip lye into her eyes to make her so – then she claimed disability. Any doctor who would provide this surgery needs to have his/her license torn up and imprisoned for twenty years. This woman needs a straight jacket and a shrink, not surgery.

  • Tingle

    If you had to take a guess, what you would guess her politics are?

    • hawgowar

      And is she ready for a full-time catheter and colostomy bag? The pressure sores, the lack of sexual stimulation? All the “surgeon” has to do is make a small mistake and she’ll lose control of and sensation in everything from the waist down. Since no licensed, board certified surgeon in the US or any civilized nation will do this she’s going to have to go to BoolaBoola Land where laws and certifications are lax or nonexistent and have the local shaman/ox castrater perform the surgery.

      • Thomas Swartz

        Be careful what you wish for.

  • Todd

    Somebody please end the fucking world.

    • Matt Esquire

      I’m hoping for the giant asteroid to hit any day now.

  • Rich Knudsen

    Good Job Doc, you have a bat shit crazy woman who you can’t help so you INVENT a diagnosis to ease her insanity. Job Well Done Hack.

  • ignatz22

    “… most patients desire to have a specific body part amputated so that their bodies can match how they feel on the inside.”

    And this differs from “transgenders” — how?

    Yep, same mental illness: different body parts amputated, is all. Tragic.

  • Darkcloud

    What a selfish twat.

    • Thomas Swartz

      She is already getting out of doing household chores by pretending. My guess is if she gets the surgery she would become totally dependent on others to do everything for her. Many handicapped people are self sufficient. She would not be one as her mental illness is more about getting attention. I agree she is a very selfish twat.

  • Jeff OConnor

    The human brain is a very strange place. I’ll take a guess that this is a grand manipulation scheme on behalf of someone else in her head.

  • mc

    The crazy one here is her “wife”. I don’t know, maybe she is a real paraplegic and can’t run like hell. The house probably has a cat to loon ratio of at least 3-1.

  • GasconDemento

    I would pay folding money to see this thing set itself on fire. I’d bring marshmallows.

  • Bob Frapples

    Fucking cunt should just die.

  • Matt Esquire

    She is mentally ill. Any doctor who would do such a thing would be in violation of his Hippocratic Oath.