Neo-Nazi Furries Are Now A Thing

November 28, 2017 | 2 Comments » | Topics: Story, WTF

FURRIES are no stranger to controversy, with members often labelled as perverse fetishists for dressing up in animal costumes, which dictate their role-playing “fursona”

Members of the obscure subculture often defend themselves by saying their celebration of anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics is nothing more than playful escapism.

While defending their community from outsider criticism is nothing new, there is now a fresh threat to the culture coming from within its own ranks.

It appears subculture, which has long been associated with gay and left-wing beliefs, is now being infiltrated by right-wing extremists known as “alt-furries”.

The alt-furry movement started as a joke on Twitter, with right-leaning members sharing pro-Trump, furry-themed memes using the #AltFurries hashtag.

What started as the promotion of satirical policies such as a ban on “species mixing”, soon became much more serious as the white supremacist agenda started to creep into real world furry events.

Junuis said he wasn’t worried when one forum group attempted to find his personal information and release it online, but Junius holds genuine concerns over the growing number of furries vulnerable to recruitment by these white supremacists.

“Nazis are looking for these same types of alienated white dudes,” he told Newsweek. “These people just want to hurt and incite — and are beginning to take their trolling offline.”

The emergence of the alt-furries has been troubling for the culture, which prides itself on being inclusive to those with niche gender identities and odd social quirks.

A goat named Dionysius was recently banned from a convention in Philadelphia after he spent $100 to commission artwork of his “fursona” launching Junius and two other furries out of a helicopter.

Dionysius feels his banishment was an over-reaction from “social justice warriors,” especially given that his artwork was made in response to left-wing furries threatening to punch “Nazi furs.”

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  • jusssayinso

    BS. FAKE. DIVISIONIST PROPAGANDA… ysual. Aren’t you all embarassed yet, knowing people see right through this type of BS Post? LMAO.

  • Dead Mule

    Hmmm, p.c., snowflake CULTure that alienates white male’s year after year is shocked and surprised when they start acting out against the abuse. Not a surprise and shock to ‘normal’ people.