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How does a ‘shill’ for an organization operate online?

Former PR worker here, 99% of our job is to convince people that something that is fucking them over is actually good for them. The whole concept of ‘shills’ has somehow became a conspiracy theory when in reality it’s just PR workers who are paid by a company to defend their product/service. My last job was defending fracking.

Anytime a post containing keywords was submitted to a popular website we where notified and it was our job to just list off talking points and debate the most popular comments. Fracking was an easy one to defend because you could paint people as anti-science if they where against it. The science behind fracking is sound and if done properly is safe, so you just focus on this point. You willfully ignore the fact that fracking is done by people who almost never do it properly and are always looking to cut corners.

Your talking points usually contain branching arguments if people try to debate back. For example my next point would be to bring up that these companies are regulated so they couldn’t cut corners or they would be fined, all the while knowing that these agencies are either underfunded or have been captured by the very industry they are trying to regulate.

The final talking point, if someone called you out on all your counterpoints, was to simply try to paint them as a wackjob. Suggest they are crazy for thinking agencies who are suppose to protect them have been bought and paid for. Bring up lizard people to muddy the waters. A lot of people will quickly distance themselves from something if it is accused of being a conspiracy theory, and a lot of them are stupid enough that you can convince them that believing businesses conspiring to break the law to gain profit is literally the same as believing in aliens and bigfoot.

Just to clarify I am not an expert in the field of fracking, I am just a PR worker who worked on a fracking campaign and used it as an example. I got into a few heated debates about fracking in replies to this comment and some things I said might be wrong because as I said I am not an expert. I don’t want this to take away from the actual point of this comment which is to make people aware of PR workers and how they try to sway online discussions.




How do people let themselves get morbidly obese?

I’m unhappy, but I’m in great shape. Eating makes me less unhappy. It makes me feel secure. Satisfied. I’m in shape so I can afford to eat a little bit more.

Now I’m 5 pounds heavier than normal. No big deal. I could lose that much in a couple weeks if I wanted to. Nothing to be alarmed about. No reason to worry. No immediate need to change.

Now I’m 15 pounds overweight. How did that happen? Okay maybe I should try cutting back a little. I’ll start tomorrow. This is the last time I eat unhealthily. No, this time. Okay this time for sure. Now I am doing so well, I’ll just reward myself this once. Or twice. Or five times.

What?? I gained more weight?! What is going on??? What is wrong with me? Now I’m unhappy and I’m fat. I have to change. I’m putting my foot down. No more junk food. No more huge portions. No more soda.

God this sucks. I wish I could eat like I normally do. But it will all be worth it when I’m back to my norm- what?! I’ve lost only 2 pounds in the past month?? But I’ve been utterly miserable! This is too hard. This is impossible. Why should I even try?

Now I’m back to my bad eating habits. Still unhappy and gaining weight, but at least I’m not as miserable as I was when I was dieting. Oh look, I’ve gained 15 more pounds this month. As if it matters at this point.

Now I’m fatter than I’ve ever been. And sadder than I’ve ever been.

Have you ever been on a skateboard going down a huge, steep hill? There comes a point where you know you are going too fast and that if you jump off the board you’re gonna get hurt. But your speed is still increasing. The longer you wait, the worse it will be. But there is a thought in the back of your mind that maybe, just maybe, if you wait long enough and ignore the problem it will sort itself out. Instead of confronting the problem, you abandon responsibility. You let Jesus take the wheel.

So now I’m at that point. I know that in order to get my life back to normal will be complete and utter hell. But if I wait longer, it will be even more difficult. But what about a third option? Maybe being fat isn’t all that bad. Maybe instead of making my happiness contingent on being healthy I can just choose to be happy while ignoring my weight. I can have my cake and eat it too!

Now I’m morbidly obese and trying my best to pretend I’m happy. It hurts to move. I can’t properly bathe myself. I smell bad, I can’t clean my house. I don’t go out. I don’t do anything. The only thing i can do is eat. At this point, making a change would be worse than hell. There is no way I can get back to normal. Why even try?




What’s it like to sink to crushing depths inside a submarine?

Reaching crush depth wouldn’t be a slow crushing. Once the first deformations appear in the pressure hull, the whole thing caves very very fast, likely over the course of a couple seconds at most, depending on the pressure when it finally gives (44psi per hundred feet, at 1800 ft would yield almost 800psi, that’s a lot of pressure, and a massive release of energy once the hull finally gives.).

The strength of the hull comes from its shape more than material strength (though that does play a massive factor).

What feels slow, and would feel like an eternity, would be everything that leads up to crush depth.

Well before you reached crush depth, you’d know you were doomed. You’d be able fight the ship for a while, trying to restore hydraulics for control surfaces, high pressure air to blow out the ballast tanks, fighting to manually close ballast tank vents if they’ve been pushed out of position, trying to restore propulsion any way you can, fighting the fire that may have destroyed your battery and filled your world with chlorine gas and smoke. All this activity and rush feels fast, it may be 15 minutes, it may be 2 hours, but all it does is give you hope. Then when you’re exhausted and everybody is looking around in a moment of calm, the last battle lanterns will fail and you’ll spend the rest of your life in a darkness you can’t possibly have imagined until that moment. You hear a lot of creaking and groaning, growing louder and more insistent over the course of a few minutes. Suddenly, you feel, more than hear, a terrible rending of metal, and your 14 psi world becomes damn near 800 in barely a few seconds, and you never hear anything again.

I’m a submariner, I think about this every day.

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