Fascinating Photos Collected From History

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“Into the Valley of Death” Okinawa, 1945


16-year-old Hitler Youth member K. Punzeller listens as an American sergeant translates his verdict of life sentence in prison for espionage, 1945


The Olympic fire arrives in Berlin during the 1936 games


As Soviet troops approached Berlin in 1945, citizens did their best to take care of Berlin Zoo’s animals


"Iron Youth. Youth! We are none of us more than twenty years old. But young? Youth? That is long ago. We are old folk)"


Russian Soldiers Preparing for the Battle of Kursk, July 1943


Yang Kyoungjong, the only known soldier to have fought on three sides of a war, 1944

He was Korean – captured by the Japanese and pressed to fight the Soviets, captured by the Soviets and pressed to fight the Germans, captured by the Germans and pressed to defend Normandy, where he was captured by the Americans.


Crowd in Times Square, New York City celebrating the surrender of Germany, May 7th, 1945


Homecoming – Vienna, Austria 1946 


Signature of Paris Agreements, ending the allied occupation of West Germany, France, 23 October 1954


A janitor sweeps the floor of New York Stock Exchange following the Wall Street Crash, 1929


Austro-Hungarian tail gunner armed with ten Mauser C96 handguns, WWI


German soldier lighting his cigarette with a flamethrower, 1917

The flamethrower, which brought terror to French and British soldiers was used by the German army in the early phases of the First World War in 1914 and 1915 (and which was quickly adopted by both). The Flammenwerfers (flamethrowers) tended to be used in groups of six during battle, each machine worked by two men. They were used mostly to clear forward defenders during the start of a German attack, preceding their infantry colleagues. They were undeniably useful when used at short-range, but were of limited wider effectiveness, especially once the British and French had overcome their initial alarm at their use. The operators of Flammenwerfer equipment also lived a most dangerous existence.

Quite aside from the worries of handling the device – it was entirely feasible that the cylinder carrying the fuel might unexpectedly explode – they were marked men; the British and French poured rifle-fire into the area of attack where Flammenwerfers were used, and their operators could expect no mercy should they be taken prisoner. Their life expectancy was therefore short.

fascinating historical photos


The First black girl to attend an All White school in the United States – Dorothy Counts – being teased and taunted by her white male peers, 1957


December 1948, Talladega, AL., Klansmen and Santa Claus presented a radio to Jack Riddle, a 107 year old Negro and his wife, Josey, 86, so they could have their wish, to “hear the preachers.” Grand Dragon Samuel Green explained that this demonstrated the true heart of a Klansman.

historical photos


Soldiers Shotgunning Marijuana In Vietnam


American soldier offers water to a wounded VC. He had been fighting for three days with his entrails been held in place only by a cooking pot tied to his belly. (1968, Vietnam)

GI’s often show a compassion for the enemy that springs from admiration of their dedication and bravery. This VC had a three-day-old stomach wound. He’d picked up his intestines and put them in an enamel cooking bowl (borrowed from a surprised farmer’s wife) and strapped it around his middle. As he was being carried to the headquarters company for interrogation, he indicated he was thirsty. “OK, him VC, him drink dirty water,” said the Vietnamese interpreter, pointing to the brown paddy-field. With real anger a GI told him to keep quiet, then mumbled, “Any soldier who can fight for three days with his insides out can drink from my canteen any time!”

fascinating historical photos

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