Beautiful Story Of A Man Saving A Homeless Dog From Near Death

December 1, 2017 | No Comments » | Topics: Animals, Life

A Pit Bull suffering from starvation and a severe injury was rescued from certain death by a man in Brazil. Wilson Coutinho Martins lives in Rio de Janeiro and has dedicated his life to rescuing and protecting animals from extreme conditions. For many animal lovers in Brazil he is a hero. For dogs like Davi, he is their savior.

The large dog with beautiful green eyes was rescued from the woods outside of Rio de Janeiro in September of 2012. He weighed just 28 pounds (13 kg) and had a huge, gaping wound in his rear. His bone was exposed and he could barely walk from the pain. If Wilson had not rescued him when he did, Davi would most certainly have died from infection and blood loss.

Wilson took Davi home and began tending to his wounds. During his recovery, Davi had to receive several blood transfusions and his wounds needed to be cleaned, treated with antibiotics and bandaged regularly. Within one month, his wounds were much better. A few months later, Davi’s wound had healed even more and he had gained back much needed weight. Although his journey back to health was slow, Davi has made a miraculous recovery. He is proof of how dedication and hard work and love can transform animals in even the most desperate of circumstances

Wilson was starving and had a severe wound on his hind leg.

Davi’s wounds were cleaned and bandaged.

He received antibiotics, drugs and blood transfusions.

His wound healed dramatically over a month long period.

He also began to regain weight.

By November, the wound had healed even more.

Davi in January of 2013. A dog transformed.