Devoted Son With No Arms Spoon-Feeds Paralyzed Mom Using His Teeth

December 1, 2017 | No Comments » | Topics: Life

This is Chen Xinyin, a 48 year old with more than his fair share of troubles. Here he is spoon-feeding his now paralysed mother a meal. As you can see Chen doesn’t have any arms.

Chen takes care of his 91-year-old mother full time, and feeds her with a spoon between his teeth. They live in Chongqing, in south-west China.

Chen lost both his arms after an electric shock at the age of seven, but despite that, worked hard on the family farm.

Tragedy struck again when he was 20 — his father died suddenly, leaving just Chen and his ailing mother to fend for themselves.

As his mother’s health worsened, a friend suggested that Chen start begging, but he angrily replied, “I have no arms but I have good feet. I can’t go make that sort of money.”

Despite not having arms, Chen cooks, farms, and even weaves baskets.

Winters are particularly challenging for Chen since he finds it difficult to put socks on, and he often suffers from frostbite.

Chen’s amazing strength has recently been captured in tear-jerking images that have moved China, and now the world.

What a man.