The Dumping Grounds

December 1, 2017 | 8 Comments » | Topics: The Dumping Grounds

Savage AF: Florida Police Officer Taunts Gunman By Displaying Lube In The Courtroom! “You’re Going To Need A Lot Of This”


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A Minigun Firing Tracer Rounds 


The Room / The Disaster Artist – Scene Comparisons 


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The new Trailer of Batman Ninja animated series


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  • the man from amsterdam

    the cop who tried to pull over that jumped up little shit who started to shoot at him, wasnt he taking an unecesary risk ? why did he take that risk for his son ? i dont know what it is like to be a cop. but your son didnt sign up for the risk. or am i completely wrong ?

    • Josh Gordon

      He’s a cop, sees someone swerving driving a vehicle its a good idea to pull em over. That dam scumbag could have avoided the situation had he just gone along with the program, but nope mister dickhead had to pull a weapon and try and kill a cop. The risk of possible injury or death to the officers child is/was 100% on that POS had that occured. The vast majority of traffic stops end peacefully its not something an officer would really call in back up for even if its a suspected drunk driver.

      • the man from amsterdam

        he still brought his son into a situation that maybe should have been avoided. as i said, his son didnt sign up for that kind of risk. and also, as a parent you are supposed to keep your kids as safe as possible.

        its good that he tried to stop something bad from happening, but dont do your job when your kid is there.

    • Josh Gordon

      I dont know what its like to be a cop btw, and I aint really interested in finding out either lol. A serious thanks to the all the police, and former police, out there I respect the hell out of what yall do.

      • the man from amsterdam

        are you really implying i’m a hater ? seriously ? just because i disagree with a decision this one cop makes doesnt mean i hate him and/or all cops okay ?

    • Louie

      As I understand it… When ur a cop and are off duty u can still drive your police cruiser around, but if u see a crime u must act as u would if ur on duty. Im sure the little kid thought its cool to drive around in dads cop car so the dad gives him a ride around and shit went down… I had a family member that was a cop and we would drive the cop car everywhere… movies, park, mall…

      • the man from amsterdam

        that makes more sense. thank you.

  • Tingle

    I love the Room. Classic.