Big-Game Hunter Dies After A Shot Elephant Falls On Him

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Theunis Botha dies after elephant fell on him

Theunis Botha, a well-known 51-year-old big game hunter from Johannesberg, South Africa, just had his last hunt. The man was leading a group of hunters in Gwai, Zimbabwe, when they saw a herd of breeding elephants. Sensing the danger, three of the animals stormed the hunters and Botha shot at them. What the man didn’t see was a fourth elephant coming after him from the side…

The animal lifted Botha with her trunk, so one of the other hunters shot her, causing the elephant to collapse. As she fell dead, the elephant dropped right on Botha, crushing the hunter to death.

According to Game Hounds Safaris, Botha’s company website, the man pioneered European-syle ‘Monteria hunts’ in the region. These kind of hunts use large packs of dogs to drive deer and boar towards them before opening fire on the animals. He was also known for hunting lions and leopards.

The man left a wife and five children behind. His body was taken to Hwange Colliery Hospital mortuary on Saturday.

Theunis Botha dies after elephant fell on him

A highly regarded professional hunter, Botha ran a safari company with his wife that specialized in using hounds to hunt leopards and lions. The website for the company, Theunis Botha Big Game Safaris, is filled with photos and YouTube videos of leopard, lion, buffalo, and elephant hunts.

Theunis Botha dies after elephant fell on him

Theunis Botha dies after elephant fell on him

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    That’s just too fucking bad for him.

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    Well deserved…

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    good riddance.

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    Good riddance indeed. Fucking idiot.

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    We wonder how aliens will treat us when we hunt other intelligent Earth species for sport.