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The bad habits you should give up if you want to be successful – Quartz

This Instagram Featuring the Hottest College Babes in America Will Make You Want to Head Back to School – Maxim

22 Insane Rock Star Rumors That Are Actually True – Ranker

The World Might Be Better Off Without College for Everyone – The Atlantic

How happy, healthy, and secure are Americans? A Gallup survey reveals how Americans from different states rate their well-being – National Geographic

Outstanding everday carry flashlight by Fenix that will last forever! – Amazon

Even a $1 million retirement nest egg isn’t enough anymore – CNBC

A brief history of Bitcoin hacks and frauds – ARS Technica

3 So-Called “Superfoods” You Should NEVER Eat – Energy Boost

How to Store Your Bitcoin as Securely as Possible – Life Hacker

Dinner at Disney’s New Restaurant Costs $15,000 – Eater

What do think-tanks do? – The Economist

The Daily Picdump – Leenks

Scientists Link 2 Genes to Homosexuality in Men – Big Think

Venezuela opposition banned from election – BBC

Congress Took $101 Million In Donations From The ISP Industry – Here’s How Much Your Lawmaker Got – The Verge

Hot Instagram Pictures Of Sydney A Maler – Lurk And Perv

8 Ways to Avoid Stupid Arguments with Your Girlfriend – Knowledge For Men

Teenager Kicked Out of Prom For “Inappropriate” Dress – Burst Daily

100 Greatest Drummers of All Time – Rolling Stone

The Best TV Shows of 2017 – The Ringer

Bad News for the Highly Intelligent – Scientific American

Emily Ratajkowski’s Sweet Booty Profile – Hollywood Tuna

Meet Brazilian Swimsuit Model Anne de Paula  – G-Celeb

10 Secrets The Catholic Church Hopes You’ve Forgotten – Listverse

5 Ways Feminists Treat Men Like They’re Not Human – Grumpy Sloth

Saudi Arabia Lifts 35-Year Ban On Cinemas; Movie Theaters Expected In March 2018 – Deadline

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