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Saudi Arabia Lifts 35-Year Ban On Cinemas; Movie Theaters Expected In March 2018 – Deadline

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  • Lynda Gutierrez

    Wow the “feminism” article is pretty stupid! Not only does it seem that the writer has never met actual feminists but instead gathered impressions of what they are from some incel 4chan lurking. And, seriously, men provided all the inventions and achievements in the world?

    Yes, they provided many, even most — mainly because women were strongly, even violently, discouraged from entering the public sphere for centuries, if not millennia. And, in many cases, achievements by women were credited to men! Despite all that, there are numerous achievements by women that men simply don’t know about. (Amazingly, not everything in our modern world is thanks to straight, white men!)

    I suggest the writer (and anyone who actually swallowed his nonsense) do some legitimate historical research. But until that’s done, here are some easy-to-digest facts:

    And let’s just pretend that the juvenile misogynists and spewers of anti-women profanity have already done their thing and embarrassed themselves enough. No need for them to actually do it. I laugh at it anyway, as does any sensible adult.

    • Josh Gordon

      The only thing I really took away from that was you’re in all seriousness linking buzzfeed as an actual reliable source buahahahaha, hysterical.

      • Lynda Gutierrez

        Really? That’s what you took away from that? I pretty much stated that you should do actual research but that I would put easily-accessible and easily-read links up for those who are afraid of academic papers or books. There is also a link to But you could easily get the names from the Buzzfeed article and then fact-check the claims with other sources. That’s the kind of thing a smart person would do. Sorry, I didn’t realize that needed explaining.

        • Josh Gordon

          You would have more credibility if you linked you a wikipedia page, buzzfeed has no credibility. Regardless if someone should do their own research, which they should, thats no better then linking a social media page. Huh sorry lol.

          • Vincent

            Still, this post is so caricatural it becomes fun to read! 😀

            Anyone who would use it to support its own beliefs should seriously reconsider it reasoning though. No facts, just opinions presented as such.
            I’ve never met such a feminist, if it was so common I think I would have. And it would have pissed me off!

  • MattTarango

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