The Dumping Grounds

December 13, 2017 | 3 Comments » | Topics: The Dumping Grounds

How Arizona Cops “Legally” Shoot People


How Calvin Harris made the hit song “Slide”


Meet the Dog Protecting Planes from Bird Strikes


Man talks with school shooter who killed his son 25 years ago


Jesse Ventura Discusses Chris Kyle (American Sniper) & Lawsuit


How To Get Over The Heartbreak Of Rejection


WW2 Infantry Weapons and Their Effects


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  • Theo Wendell

    Great video of Jesse Ventura. I believe him more than Chris Kyle. I agree Chris Kyle did his job well but to make up lies and stick with them that could seriously damage someone’s rep and well-being is fucked up; I inclined to agree with Jesse that Chris Kyle could’ve been a sociopath. BTW, who the fuck annointed Chris Kyle as the patriotic icon for US military? There are plenty of other service members who could be the faces too.

    • hawgowar

      Jesse has been a politician, that taints him right there. He’s also a conspiracy theorist.

      • MattTarango

        You are both right. It is not easy winning a libel suit in this country, the burden of proof is high, so obviously Jesse had a winning case. And he is indeed a wackadoodle conspiracy theorist. Though calling Chris Kyle a sociopath could be actionable too.

        I think Chris’s publishing house should have been more careful. And Clint Eastwood’s movie could have been better.