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Travel Bloggers Reveal Common Travel Scams Around the World – Burger Abroad

The FCC Just Voted To End Net Neutrality — Here’s How It Will Affect You – Digg

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This site actually published this article: ‘Meet pedophiles who mean well’- Salon

Kim Jong-un ‘Executes’ Second Most Powerful Man In North Korea – Unilad

Woman Only F*cks Ghosts, Wants Ghost Baby Daddy – Maxim

​Things You Learn as a Virgin in Your 20s – VICE

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15 Signs That Your Girlfriend Has Not Been Loyal – BuzzFuse

The Daily Picdump – Leenks

Watch “Man,” a Short, Thought-Provoking Animation About the Excesses of Modern Civilization – YouTube

Why It Feels So Good to Cancel Plans Last Minute, and How to Stop – Life Hacker

Maria Doroshina Is A Babe You Should Know – Yes Bitch

21 Things to Know Before You Go to Iran – Roads And Kingdoms

Taylor Swift, Emma Watson and Other Random Ladies – G-Celeb

Crazy Surgeon Pleads Guilty To Marking His Initals On Patients’ Organs – ARS Technica

The 6 Most Notorious Post-Cold War Spies In America – Grumpy Sloth

Every Major Americann City’s 50 Must-Eat Food – Thrillist

10 Scams Ukrainian Girls Try To Pull On Foreign Men – Return Of Kings

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  • Josh Gordon

    “21 Things to Know Before You Go to Iran”

    #1) Dont fucking go.
    #2) Dont fucking go.
    #3) Etc etc etc and so on.

    • Nakka

      I recommend a bit of travel, Josh.

      • Josh Gordon

        Me too, its great. Today makes it one week since I got back from Montezuma Costa Rica with a group of I would say around 20 people that was dope as hell. And then back in April, of this year no less, I spent a week in San Pedro Belize, which was fucking awesome. Shall I go over my 2016 vacations next? I love to travel, just not to countries where not only does the government hate me but so to does a large percentage of the population just because Im an American.

        And that boys and girls is why you dont make assumptions about people on the internet.

        • Nakka

          I hope you continue to travel – and you honestly surprised me. Also, you’re wrong about Iran. I have a friend who has been there recently – his story matches the article far more than the “Axis of Evil” stereotype. Iran isn’t North Korea. There was an Anthony Bourdain episode in Iran that you may like.

          • Josh Gordon

            Ill have to check it out, I do like Anthony Bourdain. Thats good to know although Im not really interested in going to the ME, its desert I’ve lived in New Mexico in the dam desert for the past 20 years, Im sure theres a lot of differences especially in regards to culture and society but those sandy beaches with those crystal clear waters is what its all about for me. Ive been to my share fair of countries, if you want beaches and the tropics Montezuma is truly unique.