One Of The Best Feelings In The World

December 14, 2017 | 7 Comments » | Topics: TRUTH

One of the best feelings in the world is getting your test results back and finding out you don’t have AIDS. No more sleepless nights of questioning whether or not the condom slipped during intercourse with that less than trust-worthy party girl. No more looking up Web-MD for HIV symptoms when you develop a mild cough or show any signs of being under the weather. No more paranoid thoughts of being forever-alone because you contracted a disease that will forever stigmatize you in the dating realm.

If you are sexually active, you should be getting tested at least 2 times per year. And the folks over at Oraquick have developed an FDA approved home testing kit, that gives your results in 20 minutes. No more sweating it out, while you wait 2 weeks for you results. I used this a couple times and its super easy to use and the instructions are super easy to follow. Give yourself some peace of mind and get tested!

oraquick home hiv test

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  • Shawn Stu

    Or if you’re a straight male, save your money because even if you had unprotected sex with an HIV positive female your chance of contracting HIV is 0.04 percent.

    • Derelict

      Are you saying only gay people get HIV???

      • Shawn Stu

        Not even remotely. Plenty of straight intravenous drug users that share needles get HIV. But the chance of a male getting HIV from a female during vaginal intercourse is almost zero. Read the article.

        • Nakka

          Save your money because even if you share a needle with an HIV positive person your chance of contracting HIV is 67
          out of 10,000 exposures.

      • calmdownbro

        Shawn pretty much shows why this whole test is flawed. It makes people feel OK even if they have something else. Even if it tested for std X, that is also just one thing. You have to get a full test. It’s cheap, fast, easy, painless. Some people just get checked out each few months, it’s that easy/simple.

  • GasconDemento

    VEry funny post by these cave “men” trying to convince us they aren’t probing eachothers jokes daily.

  • calmdownbro

    I know that this is a sponsored post, but…that’s pretty much bs. I don’t mean you cannot catch HIV from a nasty girl, but you should do a complete checkup.

    – Having a clean result soon after things happened does NOT mean you are completely clean. You have to wait months for some results to come back. Basically they take a sample first when you get to them, then you have to get re-tested months later again.
    – HIV is just one thing you can catch.
    – Even if you use a condom, you can still catch cold-sores/herpes because that’s just skin contact.

    Do a full blood panel. They are cheap, even at a private clinic. You can bring these results to your regular doctor. It’s also painless, takes 10 minutes.

    How not to catch STD like pokemon? Well, as sites state – choose your partners carefully and always use protection. If you catch cold sores, that’s something you can live with as there is no cure. It will also get less worse by each outbreak – but you must let your future partners know about it as if the cat gets out of the bag later on, that can ruin a relationship.

    Before anyone says: Wow boy, you sure are riddled with shit. Not really. I simply realized at high school that I basically never received any kind of sex ed, knew nothing about this whole crap. And since I had internet, I looked things up. Wish people did this more often though. I honestly believe I am not the only one who grew up without getting proper sex ed.

    One last thing. If you notice any symptoms, do NOT consult webmd or web posts. For example I read (even here?) that coconut oil cures fungi and it’s anti-bacterial. But it’s not. It’s basically a great nutrition for fungi. So yeah, just go to your doctor and get it sorted out. Do NOT live an active sexual life until you get a confirmation that you are 100% clean.