Reaction GIFs Boyyeee!

December 14, 2017 | 1 Comment » | Topics: Funny Pictures

When my parents remind me again that I need to get a part time job while at College


When I have to leave my dog at home and hear him whimpering as soon as I close the front door


When we hit freezing temperatures and I look outside and think about all the mosquitoes that are helplessly getting murdered at the hands of Mother Nature 


When I introduced my family to GoT and they keep talking about how much they like the “Main Character” Ned Stark


When I found out the bullied kid’s family is racist


When I got bills coming up and remember my grandpa used to get money out of my ears 


When I step onto the set of a very well-lit Japanese porno


When my friend is really drunk at a party and this hog is trying to take him home


When other Civilizations start settling cities near mine