There Are Some Things You Just Can’t Argue With

December 14, 2017 | 5 Comments » | Topics: Funny Pictures


Your Healthy Friend Who Still Does Drugs


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  • MattTarango

    After showing a meme congratulating drugs for winning the war on drugs, there is a video condemning drugs.Though to be fair, both are true.

  • hawgowar

    That’s because we don’t fight the war on drugs like its a real war. We need to Desert Storm it. WWII it. Not Korea it.

    • Red

      A number of countries are having success in the war on drugs using diplomacy

      • hawgowar

        If you mean throwing in the towel, yes.

    • Nakka

      We could throw our entire GDP at fighting drugs and it wouldn’t change the usage rate. Or we could throw pre-“war on drugs” levels at it and keep the money.