A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating SPORTS Photos And Videos

December 27, 2017 | No Comments » | Topics: Sports

Muy thai fighter suffered a skull fracture after elbow shot 


Similar thing happened to MMA fighter ‘Cyborg’ Santos. Flying knee to the head


Daniel Cormier responds to people calling him a cry baby

People putting the photo of me crying don’t realize it’s ok lol. I been doing this crying since I was a kid lol. Here’s another one for y’all this is me crying on the awards stand at the junior nationals after losing in the finals. What can I say. I hate losing. #memories #longasscareer #lifeatthetop #20yearshighestlevel


Do female fighters wear cups? Big John McCarthy answers MMA’s most pressing question


The difference between a super middleweight and a heavyweight 


John Wall bought Rolexes for the entire team


Who is the greatest Laker of all-time?

Magic Johnson 13 seasons with the Lakers 5x NBA Champ 3x NBA Finals MVP 3x NBA MVP 12x NBA All-Star 9x All-NBA First Team 9 NBA Finals appearances

Kobe Bryant 20 seasons with the Lakers 5x NBA Champ 2x NBA Finals MVP 1x NBA MVP 18x NBA All-Star 11x All-NBA First Team 7 NBA Finals appearances


Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas reconcile after decades of feuding


Ex-Steelers LB James Harrison signs with Patriots 


Reminder: James Harrison’s workouts are WILD


Jadeveon Clowney made the most of receiving trash cans after calling Blake Bortles “trash.” 


Le’Veon Bell showed some love to his O-line by getting them Hublot watches


With a loss, the Browns could join this list


Bo Jackson patiently explains who he is to a young kid


Tampa Bay Bucs’ Sealver Siliga Dropped $1K In Tips To AppleBees Employees So They’d Have A Christmas Bonus

TB defensive tackle Sealver Siliga and some friends hit up Applebee’s after losing to the Carolina Panthers earlier in the day — but despite the L, we’re told the guys couldn’t have been nicer.

When the bill came (around 10pm), we’re told Sealver asked the manager how many people were still working in the restaurant … because he wanted to tip every person $100 (from the servers to dishwashers).

In total, Siliga dropped a cool $1,000 … and made everyone’s night.”


When you don’t want to fight but realize you kind of deserve it


The Diamondbacks’ 2017 first-round pick paying off his parents’ mortgage for Christmas 


Weightlifter promised his wife to win an Olympic gold medal before she died in a car accident 


What its like to watch a football match in North Korea