The Dumping Grounds

January 4, 2018 | 5 Comments » | Topics: The Dumping Grounds

£70,000 Patek Philippe vs £4,000 Omega


Japan: 3 pro soccer players vs 100 kids


Life On An Aircraft Carrier


Anti Colorado Municipal Broadband Service advertisement made by Cable Lobbyists e.g. Comcast, AT&T and others


Dealership Tells A Man His 2017 F-250 Isn’t Designed To Go Over 65 MPH!


Walmart Employee Channeled His Inner Sloth While Ringing Up A Customer!


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  • Josh Gordon
  • hawgowar

    Patek Phillipe vs Omega: What is the difference in measurable accuracy? That is the only standard I care about. Screw how finely it is polished. I am not buying jewelry. When the accuracy of a watch is greater than the reaction time of the human starting and stopping the hands, it is accurate enough. Any wristwatch that is built to certified chronograph standards is far more precise than the human operating it, so all the extra accuracy is moot in actual use on a human wrist. A Citizen EcoDrive chronograph is $150 or less and is FAR more accurate than the human starting and stopping the hands. If you pay more than about $500 for a wristwatch, you are buying jewelry to impress people. Any chronometer that is self winding or an EcoDrive, with a titanium case and a mineral sapphire crystal, will serve you just as well as the Patek Phillipe. You just can’t brag about how much it cost just to be a jerk and rub it in people’s (peasant’s) faces. The Patek may last three lifetimes but so what? You can only use it for one. My Titanium Citizen EcoDrive has been running accurately for over 25 years now. At less than $400, I can buy enough of them to last three-hundred-seventy-five lifetimes before I even approach the cost of the Patek Phillipe. And if someone held me at gunpoint and demanded the watch, I can hand it over and smile, knowing I can buy another one just like it tomorrow.

  • SethD

    Seems my local weather man made the post. 😀

  • MattTarango

    I use a toothpick when eating Cheetos, or those Cheetos-like cheese balls. Though those finger things would be handy with Doritos chips.

    • Wombat34

      that’s a good idea