A Few Glorious Clips For Your Consideration

January 9, 2018 | 3 Comments » | Topics: Clips



Popeye is back!


You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take




Bit over due for an oil change.. 


Attachment for wheelchairs


True Friendship


Insurance scam goes wrong


When the light turns green in the middle of an argument


Worst Luck Ever


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  • Josh Gordon

    Lets see I could pay for his medical bills or I could just pay a one time fee for his funeral oh I know, VROOOM lol. Must have been China, cheaper to just run over someone and make sure their dead vs paying their medical bills and even if your caught reversing and going forward over someone 3+ times police usually refuse to prosecute. Ah what a lovely society.

  • Josh Gordon

    That dude dont have bad luck, he just has the situational awareness of a tree stump.

  • Pauly Incorrect

    The squirrel one was fucking hilarious. Totally unexpected.