Shop Owner Traveled 530 Miles To Punch A Woman In The Face, Because She Left A Bad Review

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shop owner travels 500 miles to punch woman who left bad review

Business owners are very conscious when it comes to online reviews. It only takes a scathing review on social media to cast a shady reputation on a business. So it’s not surprising that this seller, who was identified as Zhang, took it very badly when a customer gave him a low rating – he took it so bad he travelled more than 500 miles just to meet and punch her! If there was a championship for overreacting, this guy most definitely would be the winner.

It all started when Xiao Li, a woman who loved shopping online, decided to order some clothes from an online shop, but later decided to write a complaint comment on the Taobao internet marketplace. The reason? Her order was delayed for four days.

Zhang, the shop owner, apparently became furious, because his ratings went down. He even threatened to murder his customer.

shop owner travels 500 miles to punch woman who left bad review

A few days after the online threats, Xiao was waiting in Zhengzhou to receive another clothes delivery that she had ordered, and some CCTV camera on the spot shockingly captured Zhang appear out of nowhere and directly attack the unsuspecting Xiao while she was just randomly browsing through her phone.

He kicked her and slapped her in the face a couple of times, and she almost immediately fell to the ground, and then he walked off fast. Xiao needed to visit the hospital, where she was then treated for her injuries from the beating. The poor woman even had a slight concussion.

Shockingly, Zhang sent her a message while she was still in the hospital, and he stated that he came overnight all the way from Suzhou, which is located more than 500 miles away just to “teach her a lesson”—his own words.

Check out the CCTV footage below


shop owner travels 500 miles to punch woman who left bad review

This is not an isolated case, and things like this have happened before.

Last September, a husband was beaten nearly to death in his home in Changsha by a group of thugs after his wife left a bad restaurant review online.

Afterwards, the restaurant owner told police he was concerned the review would hurt his eatery’s fine reputation.

The following month, a delivery man beat a woman bloody on the street in Hainan, worried that she would write a bad review about him after he failed to deliver her food on time.

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