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How do elephants greet each other after being apart? They do it like this – with a trunk wrap. This is the elephant equivalent of a hug and is done between closely bonded animals – parents with their grown young, siblings or extended family. 


As fish stocks dwindle in coastal India, states like Tamil Nadu have instituted an annual 45-day mandatory fishing ban for motorized bottom trawlers. The move was meant to ameliorate conflicts between the small-scale fishermen operating artisanal vessels and those with motorized vessels. Every year, grounded fishermen all over the coast spend time mending their nets and hoping that the ban allows impacted stocks to rebound. Left unchecked for the rest of the year, bottom trawling is considered to be one of the most destructive fishing practices because of its by-catch, which is the accidental capture of any non-target species. In the end, there are too few fish left and too many fishermen.


The Ghost River Valley in Alberta is home to a high concentration of ice climbing. Tiny seeps of water become stunning ice features as the cold, dry winter sets in, creating a frozen playground for those who find this kind of thing “fun”. A climber ascends Fearful Symmetry, one of the valleys more infamous features.


I came across this Rhino, bathed in mud walking alone in the Ngorongoro Crater, when I visited the crater in Tanzania .  I watched him walk for almost 15 minutes and he was unaware of the many cars and tourists. 


 Hot springs are precious in this valley in Afghanistan, on the border with China, Tajikistan and Pakistan. What a gift to have hot water year round in such a remote mountain region! Ato Mohammed and his dad agreed to be photographed, shortly before walking back home, down the valley to their village.


Anya Romanova (centre) in between classes at the Ataman Platov Cossack Cadet School, a co-ed boarding school in Belaya Kalitva, Southern Russia.


Samburu women wear their traditional clothing to show their pride in being educated and going to school. 


Two kids on a mountain of 6,000 tons of potatoes grown on their family’s ultra-productive farm. The Van den Borne potato farm yields twice the global average of other potato growers and it is considered an example of the so-called precision agriculture, where drones and other tools assess the health of individual plants and determine exactly how much water and nutrients they need to thrive. Today the farm is the largest producer of potatoes in the country, and the Netherlands is one of the leading exporters of potatoes in the world. 


Shuttling a load of climbing gear, food and supplies from basecamp to the base of Ulvetanna to attempt a new route on the mountain. 


I was on an icebreaker traveling off Antarctica when we came upon an extraordinary iceberg that looked like a blue cathedral with soaring archways and fluted columns sculpted by the corroding force of waves. When a group of chinstrap penguins came into view, they added reality to a surreal scene—their moment aboard the iceberg as fleeting as the life of the ice itself. Blue ice forms when snow falls on a glacier and becomes compressed over time which squeezes out air bubbles and enlarges the ice crystals. Ninety percent of all ice on Earth is contained by Antarctica, and as our planet warms, ice shelves and glaciers dislodge an ever-larger portion of it each year into the Southern Ocean, where most icebergs melt away in a single season. 


Shaolin Temple, birthplace of Kungfu in snow, Dengfeng, China.


Have you ever seen an American bald eagle in its natural habitat? The definition of “natural habitat” in the Aleutian Islands has been changing in recent decades. An estimated 500-800 bald eagles live near the remote Alaskan fishing town of Dutch Harbor, surviving primarily off human food waste and leftover pollock from fisherman’s nets. Here, a battle looms over discarded meat discovered inside a local super market’s dumpster.


Horses graze at the edge of Karakuli Lake. This lake, floating at the junction of the Kunlun, Tian Shan, and Pamir mountains, is the highest lake of the Pamir plateau


A man feeds pigeons at the pier near Satri Wat Rakhang school in Bangkok, Thailand


Dr. Elias Kaiser, PHD student at the Wageningen University in the Netherlands, is measuring the chlorophyll inside a strawberry greenhouse. This high end agro farming technology can grow much more with less and without use of any pesticides. In fact 95% less of water is used to grow crops and this system can grow up to 10 times the amount of a traditional strawberry land field. This futuristic way of farming might be the solution to grow massive amount of fruits and vegetables with a smaller impact on the planet? 


A bull elk grazes along the Madison River in Yellowstone National Park. This bull would eventually succumb to a pack of wolves as the circle of life remains unbroken in Yellowstone.


Stilt fishermen in the shallow waters of Koggala Beach, Sri Lanka.  Stilt fishing is a practice synonymous with Sri Lankan culture, but one that has all but disappeared as a means of subsistence.


Each Moroccan town/city has a traditional wedding attire. The brides must wear as many as seven or more caftans (bridal dresses) on her wedding day. Each gown with a signature color of that town. Regardless of the heavy layers of traditional pearls and gold, the bride will be carried around for all the guests to celebrate and view


A mother gentoo penguin and her chick admire one another within their nesting site in Antarctica. The third largest of all penguin species, gentoo penguin parents are especially nurturing. Both parents help to build their circular nests of stones, moss and grass from the surrounding area. Hatchlings will stay in the nest for up to a month, while the parents alternate foraging duties and caring for the chick.


Two refugees from Peshawar, Pakistan sit around a fire to warm themselves from the morning cold in an abandoned warehouse where they and other refugees took refuge in Belgrade, Serbia. 


Matt Redd rounding up cattle on the Dugout Ranch in Indian Creek, Utah (now owned and operated by the Nature Conservancy). 


A woman selling fruits in traditional woven baskets takes a break in front of a recently constructed luxury mall in the center of Hanoi.




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    that Vietnamese lady isn’t selling fruits, at least not from her sign. it says ‘Snail Noodles/Crab in a tomato based broth’