A Few Clips Guaranteed To Make You Feel Better About Life

January 26, 2018 | 1 Comment » | Topics: Life

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At the shelter vs. 30 minutes after being adopted


Dog Is Insanely Happy To See His Owner Again At The Airport


Police Officer Visits 93-Year-Old Who Was Burglarized, Plays His Favorite Piano Piece For Him

Following a theft revisit today for a ninety three year old gentleman, it truly made me feel good about myself and the job I do. He felt wanted and reassured. He was really pleased that we had checked in on him to see that he was ok. He shared stories about him ‘getting his wings’, being a pilot, the war and sadly the loss of his beloved wife on Christmas Eve a few years ago. I noticed he had a piano with music open – one of his favourite Chopin pieces he said, a nocturne. I told him it was my late grandma’s favourite too! I said I could play, so he invited me to play for him, which I did. It made his day, as you can see in the video you can see how much he appreciated it. Job satisfaction.


Orangutan Spots A Bird Drowning And Saves Its Life


Toddler With Down Syndrome Sings With Big Sister Thanks To Music Therapy

“My daughter Lydia was watching Bo while I was in the shower. Came out to this. If she didn’t have a guitar I don’t know if she would know how to babysit him. This is her go to. It’s proof that music therapy works. Bo is 25 months old and has a 12 word vocabulary. Every word he has learned has been through music and singing.”


Rooster Sees The Bus Pull Up And RUNS To Greet His Best Friend

This is how Frog the Rooster greets his human, Savannah, when she gets home from school.

According to his owner, this is an “everyday routine.”


Dog Trapped In Icy Water Gets Rescued By Team Of Heroes


"Friend asked me to secretly capture one of the biggest moments of his life"


I wasn’t asleep


Andy Bernard Delivered The Greatest Line Ever In The Office Finale


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