A Few Glorious Clips For Your Consideration

February 6, 2018 | 6 Comments » | Topics: Clips

That’s a dude, dude


Impatient Dumbass


Don’t you dare touch my human


Awesome dog owners right here


Woman rips off burqa after ISIS is driven from Raqqa


Bush cracks joke to Obama while Clinton makes a speech 


Boom goes the dynamite!




This is SPARTA!!!


Sophie Turner checking you out 


How my life is going right now


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  • Tingle

    Screw those 3, they ruined our nation with their swampy ass politics.

    • naruwu

      Nah just W. He ruined everything Clinton did, and Obama fixed W’s messes mostly, which now Drumpf is ballsy enough to claim credit for.

      • lippylipey

        Lol. Democrats are awesome!

        • naruwu

          How is it, living in an alternate reality? Can’t argue with results, unfortunately.

  • MattTarango

    Obama was just pretending, as usual. Because Bush could not have possibly said anything funny to him. Unless it was about Hillary.

  • Wombat34

    Full body drop onto the nutsack. Ruptured testicle maybe.