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A damn fine collection of bewbs, awesomeness and everything inbetween – Leenks

Anti-hooker lawmaker allegedly used taxpayer money for sex with escort – NY Post

SeaWorld Admits To Giving Orcas Anti-Anxiety Drugs – The Dodo

YouTube suspends Logan Paul’s ad revenue, blames ‘recent pattern of behavior – The Verge

A Dick Pill That Actually Works – Amazon

University of Wisconsin-Madison to offer free tuition for families making less than $56K – The Hill

26 Facts That Will Ruin Your Childhood – Ranker

Joaquin Phoenix Has Agreed to Play The Joker in a Martin Scorsese-Produced Origin Movie – Maxim

Study finds Americans who join ISIS are disappointed by the experience – AL

Looking To Buy Bitcoins? Here’s What You Need To Know – Underground Finance

The company that made Candy Crush was acquired for 5.9 billion while Lucasfilm was purchased by Disney for only 4 billion – Wired

High-School Coach ‘Ignored’ Boy’s Screams as Teammates Raped Him, Lawsuit Claims – The Daily Beast

Military veterans defy Jeff Sessions, fight for medical marijuana to kick opioid addiction – CNBC

Natalie Halcro Owns Instagram – Heyman Hustle

Is the Universe a conscious mind? – Aeon

7 Damaging Parenting Behaviors That Keep Children From Growing Into Leaders – Thrive

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What A Lifetime Of Adderall Does To Your Brain –

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Russian hackers found to be targeting US military contractors – AP News